Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Editorial for Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy

Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love

I wrote this book with the intention of having a completely different reader audience from the one I have written for before. I have to say I enjoyed writing this book immensely. I began to really like the main vampire character even though I had started out to dislike him. Oddly towards the end of the book I like him more than the other main male character. It's his complex and unpredictable vampire character which still retains some kind of childlike quality that I like. The story is much darker than might first appear and I wonder if, plus hope, readers will get the irony within the plots. I also hope readers will appreciate the title, which I thought about for a long time. It reflects the duality of Drew and tells us how different Devon sees himself from Drew. The vampire community was such fun to formulate and I wanted them all to have retained human behaviours. There are many people that I have actually met combined into the group of characters in the book, naturally no one person is described wholly but especially within the vampire community traits are sprinkled across the 'players'.
The book is adult paranormal romance, so we have love, sex, romance, lies, trickery, magic, strange beings, killings and fun.
I have already started book two and in Volume one there is a preview of the second book. 
Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love, Volume One of The Ruthin Trilogy will be available around October 7.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Preview Covers for the book

The first book in The Ruthin Trilogy

Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy is titled,
Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love.
It will be available in October but in the next few days I will be posting a preview of the first chapter.
In the meantime here is the blurb, 

This is the story of a girl looking for love. Bliss is lonely and taking chances when she goes off on holiday and meets the man of her dreams, Devon Ruthin. She is trying to replicate the life of a character in a book she has read recently, and without realizing it, she enters a twilight world. A world filled with strange people, beautiful powerful beings who seem to be the saviours of the man she falls in love with. This is a darker tale than first meets the eye, and as the story unfolds, it becomes obvious that the beautiful people, who are seemingly so wonderful, have secrets of their own.
On her journey, Bliss encounters the pale and attractive Drew. It seems fate has a trick up its sleeve when we discover that he has met the mysterious people before. The chance meeting with Bliss sets off a series of actions by Drew that uncovers a hidden past belonging to Devon. Who is he, or what is he?
This is a love story, a story of revenge, hope, violence, immortality, and fate.
  It is sprinkled with romance, love, sex, and persuasive characters.
Who ends up losing?
Is Devon as free as he thinks?