Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sample Sunday Snippet

Sample Sunday Snippet
Bliss took Devon’s hand in hers and leaned against him.
“Devon I’ve been thinking, you know I’m on holiday, at the moment, but I like it here, in this town, in this area. I was thinking, maybe I would look for work, so as not to go back to my old job. What do you think?” Bliss was hoping he would think it a good idea. She was hoping that it would tell him she was serious about him. As it happened she did like it there, she thought that even if she and Devon became just friends this whole place suited her. She might make friends amongst that group who had been at the dinner party too, although she really wanted Devon to love her.
Devon held her face and he kissed her, he lingered over the kiss, it was addictive he thought, kissing Bliss, he felt as if he would like to leave his lips against hers always. He answered her.
“Bliss that’s great, but you can stay here as long as you like. You don’t need to rush into work or think you can only stay if you find work. I would like you to stay as long as you want, and I hoped you knew that. I came looking for you because I feel so much for you Bliss, I love having you here”.
Bliss had thought he was going to say he loved her and she looked into his eyes longingly. She noticed his eyes were that dark shade of blue again, earlier they had seemed dark grey.
He was smiling at her now, “You could always help me, I have heaps of work. It would be good to hand some of it over”.
Bliss didn’t answer, she would look for work; she valued her independence. If Devon offered her a real job she might consider it, but she thought right then maybe mixing a new relationship and work might not be a good idea.
Devon kissed her again. He was trying to take it slowly, their relationship, because he needed her to know it was real. Maybe he was taking it all too slowly, he thought, but then again, he didn’t really know. He kissed Bliss until he felt as if his heart would break if he didn’t tell her how much he loved her and Bliss kissed him back. She was sure he loved her. She loved him. She would tell him soon. She would tell him tomorrow. Her thoughts were rapid as she felt herself start to need Devon’s body against hers.
They went to their respective rooms again around eleven and Bliss stood in her shower wishing she was with Devon.

Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snippet from Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love

Sunday Snippet from Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love

The interior of this café was dark and probably welcoming in the winter as it had a huge fireplace at the far end. The fire unlit in the summer warmth had the grate filled with a large bowl of bright pink peonies. Bliss choose a table near to the front window, but you could not see out, as the window was decorated almost to the top with dark blue designs, similar to ancient Celtic designs. There was hardly any light coming in and the lighting was subdued to the point of dimness. It was a little creepy she thought.
Bliss almost gathered her shopping and left, but then a young woman came along to take her order and Bliss thought she would have a quick cup of coffee and then go. Bliss asked for coffee and the young woman smiled and nodded. She was pale in the dim light, her hair in ringlets falling about her shoulders was some version of auburn, and she wore a name badge, Annabelle.
Bliss wriggled in her chair to watch the young woman walk away and as she did so a man, a young man, came from behind an ornate screen halfway down the café. He walked past Annabelle and said something to her, which Bliss did not catch, and then he approached Bliss.
When he was standing by her table, she could see how good looking he was, his eyes a strange shade of bright blue, like a kingfisher and his hair very dark. He was wearing a blue shirt and jeans; the cuffs of the shirt were ruffled and came down over his hands to his knuckles. He was looking at her with what could only be described as interest.
“Hello, is it still very warm outside, I have been working all morning so not looked out. I own the café and since it is now my coffee break, I was thinking maybe you would not mind if I shared your table”.
He was charming, courteous, and very attractive Bliss was enchanted. She nodded even as a little voice inside her head cautioned her against this stranger.
“Ok, that will be ok, I am not staying long though, I am travelling through”. Bliss heard the tone of her own voice sounding welcoming of this stranger’s company though the words she said were less so. She found him compelling. She looked into his startlingly blue eyes as he sat down and she thought, well here we go, this could be the someone I am meant to meet.
There was no denying his attractiveness, his skin was pale but fine and unblemished, and his eyelashes fringing those beautiful bright blue eyes were long and curved. He sat down very close to her, almost too close for a stranger, but Bliss could feel something in his presence. He seemed to exude masculinity, sexuality, she thought, as she looked at his lovely shaped lips and imagined what it would be like to kiss him.
He smiled slightly at her, and she wondered if he had guessed what she was thinking, his eyes held a knowing expression. The coffee arrived and Bliss was thankful to have the presence of this young woman Annabelle, as she put the cups down and fussed around for a minute or so.
The young man, who had failed so far to name himself other than as the owner of the café watched Annabelle as she walked away. Then he turned to Bliss, his attention was like a gift, it made Bliss feel special and wanted.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Snippets

Saturday Snippet

Devon suddenly realized he had felt like rejecting the beings earlier when he was angry about the decisions, he felt bad about that now. It hadn’t meant he would just go back to being his old self, cast off their protection, and stop taking the potions and meditations that kept him from being a killer again, a vampire of the most horrible kind. He told himself he would never be that again. He took Tara’s hand and thanked her sincerely before he left. Tara knew what was in his mind, she always did, she knew what was in every type of being’s mind; it was one of her special powers. She could shut out the din of thoughts and did so most of the time, but when she needed it, that power had saved lives.
Devon left and walked in the darkness to the abbey car park where he had parked his old truck. He looked at the space next to it where Bliss had parked her car and he felt as empty as the space was. There were one or two vehicles still in the car park he noticed as he got into his truck. He started the engine and drove to his house. As he drove he listened to the words of the song on his CD player, they seemed very apt, they described his own sadness right then.
Devon went into his house, he would normally have switched on the lights because that’s what humans did, but he could see in the dark, he didn’t put the lights on that night. He was up the stairs in a flash using his excellent speed where no one could witness it; he went to sit in the room that had the biggest window. It looked out on a long back garden where Devon had planted banks of flowers under Saffron’s and Elise’s guidance. Beyond that there were fields, before woodland going into the distance tree after tree. Devon sighed looking out there, somewhere out there was Bliss; he realized he had not told Tara her name. “Bliss” he said aloud.
Devon thought about Marguerite, had she never met anyone in all these years, has she never hoped for love. She had been a vampire too, but was also helped by the beings, Devon smiled to himself. He didn’t know what else to call them, they were not human he knew that, but he didn’t know quite what they were, except kind, loving, powerful and strange.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More snippets to brighten your day

More Snippets to brighten your day

Drew spoke. “Well if it isn’t Devon Ruthin himself, the prince of darkness, what are you doing here, and with my girl too?”
Both Bliss and Devon turned together, Devon had let go of her hand as they turned, now she found it again and held it tight.

Drew shrugged. “You know, this is a bore Devon, I have places to go, but Bliss we are not done, I think you know that. I think you liked me as much as I liked you today when we spent time together”. He smiled his knowing smile and this time Bliss did not find it sexy, she found it menacing.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snippets from the sexy new adult paranormal romance released early October

Two men comment on your name which one would you choose to trust?

{“I apologise for being so rude, not introducing myself, it just slipped my mind. Bliss, that’s an interesting name, evocative, hopeful, soft, you can almost taste it as you say the name. I imagine it has caused some comment from people you have encountered in your life,” he said gently.
Bliss watched his expression, he was tasting her name she thought, it scared her a little, and yet she liked what he had said about her name, others had made fun.}

{When he had finally told her his name, as she heard it, a shiver went down her spine. She did not know the origins of that shiver, other than she found his name to be as sexy as he was. He in turn had enthused over her name when she had told it to him in a return of information.
“Bliss, Bliss, Bliss”, he had said. “It sounds as if it could be the name of an exotic new drink, a cocktail”. He had smiled again at her and in her innocence, Bliss believed his sincerity.}

This story is sprinkled with sensuality, love, sex, romance, violence, it is an adult vampire romance.

{Devon reacted at a phenomenal speed. He struck the vampire in the throat with his bare hand, his extreme strength, and skill born of age, cut the head of this vampire right off. The one with the ability to move things hurled a barrel at Devon from a distance, Devon moved and the barrel hit the flagstones and shattered spilling its contents across them.}

{Pearl loved Greta, but Greta was both a lover of men and women, and Pearl wanted exclusivity, not in a relationship but in the fundamental sexual preference of her lovers. She had never analysed this she just knew it. So whilst she and Greta met every week, read and talked, fed and had some wild sex they would never live together.}

{All the same he wandered out to look at Bliss, he went close to her, and took advantage of the fact she was tied hand and foot to kiss her. Bliss moved her face quickly but he jerked it back and kissed her lips.
“Bliss you are lovely, I’m sorry it had to be like this but as they say all’s fair in love and war, and this is about a love and a war”.}