Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sample Sunday Snippet

Sample Sunday Snippet
Bliss took Devon’s hand in hers and leaned against him.
“Devon I’ve been thinking, you know I’m on holiday, at the moment, but I like it here, in this town, in this area. I was thinking, maybe I would look for work, so as not to go back to my old job. What do you think?” Bliss was hoping he would think it a good idea. She was hoping that it would tell him she was serious about him. As it happened she did like it there, she thought that even if she and Devon became just friends this whole place suited her. She might make friends amongst that group who had been at the dinner party too, although she really wanted Devon to love her.
Devon held her face and he kissed her, he lingered over the kiss, it was addictive he thought, kissing Bliss, he felt as if he would like to leave his lips against hers always. He answered her.
“Bliss that’s great, but you can stay here as long as you like. You don’t need to rush into work or think you can only stay if you find work. I would like you to stay as long as you want, and I hoped you knew that. I came looking for you because I feel so much for you Bliss, I love having you here”.
Bliss had thought he was going to say he loved her and she looked into his eyes longingly. She noticed his eyes were that dark shade of blue again, earlier they had seemed dark grey.
He was smiling at her now, “You could always help me, I have heaps of work. It would be good to hand some of it over”.
Bliss didn’t answer, she would look for work; she valued her independence. If Devon offered her a real job she might consider it, but she thought right then maybe mixing a new relationship and work might not be a good idea.
Devon kissed her again. He was trying to take it slowly, their relationship, because he needed her to know it was real. Maybe he was taking it all too slowly, he thought, but then again, he didn’t really know. He kissed Bliss until he felt as if his heart would break if he didn’t tell her how much he loved her and Bliss kissed him back. She was sure he loved her. She loved him. She would tell him soon. She would tell him tomorrow. Her thoughts were rapid as she felt herself start to need Devon’s body against hers.
They went to their respective rooms again around eleven and Bliss stood in her shower wishing she was with Devon.

Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love