Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Snippets

Saturday Snippet

Devon suddenly realized he had felt like rejecting the beings earlier when he was angry about the decisions, he felt bad about that now. It hadn’t meant he would just go back to being his old self, cast off their protection, and stop taking the potions and meditations that kept him from being a killer again, a vampire of the most horrible kind. He told himself he would never be that again. He took Tara’s hand and thanked her sincerely before he left. Tara knew what was in his mind, she always did, she knew what was in every type of being’s mind; it was one of her special powers. She could shut out the din of thoughts and did so most of the time, but when she needed it, that power had saved lives.
Devon left and walked in the darkness to the abbey car park where he had parked his old truck. He looked at the space next to it where Bliss had parked her car and he felt as empty as the space was. There were one or two vehicles still in the car park he noticed as he got into his truck. He started the engine and drove to his house. As he drove he listened to the words of the song on his CD player, they seemed very apt, they described his own sadness right then.
Devon went into his house, he would normally have switched on the lights because that’s what humans did, but he could see in the dark, he didn’t put the lights on that night. He was up the stairs in a flash using his excellent speed where no one could witness it; he went to sit in the room that had the biggest window. It looked out on a long back garden where Devon had planted banks of flowers under Saffron’s and Elise’s guidance. Beyond that there were fields, before woodland going into the distance tree after tree. Devon sighed looking out there, somewhere out there was Bliss; he realized he had not told Tara her name. “Bliss” he said aloud.
Devon thought about Marguerite, had she never met anyone in all these years, has she never hoped for love. She had been a vampire too, but was also helped by the beings, Devon smiled to himself. He didn’t know what else to call them, they were not human he knew that, but he didn’t know quite what they were, except kind, loving, powerful and strange.

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