Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snippet from Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love

Sunday Snippet from Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love

The interior of this café was dark and probably welcoming in the winter as it had a huge fireplace at the far end. The fire unlit in the summer warmth had the grate filled with a large bowl of bright pink peonies. Bliss choose a table near to the front window, but you could not see out, as the window was decorated almost to the top with dark blue designs, similar to ancient Celtic designs. There was hardly any light coming in and the lighting was subdued to the point of dimness. It was a little creepy she thought.
Bliss almost gathered her shopping and left, but then a young woman came along to take her order and Bliss thought she would have a quick cup of coffee and then go. Bliss asked for coffee and the young woman smiled and nodded. She was pale in the dim light, her hair in ringlets falling about her shoulders was some version of auburn, and she wore a name badge, Annabelle.
Bliss wriggled in her chair to watch the young woman walk away and as she did so a man, a young man, came from behind an ornate screen halfway down the café. He walked past Annabelle and said something to her, which Bliss did not catch, and then he approached Bliss.
When he was standing by her table, she could see how good looking he was, his eyes a strange shade of bright blue, like a kingfisher and his hair very dark. He was wearing a blue shirt and jeans; the cuffs of the shirt were ruffled and came down over his hands to his knuckles. He was looking at her with what could only be described as interest.
“Hello, is it still very warm outside, I have been working all morning so not looked out. I own the café and since it is now my coffee break, I was thinking maybe you would not mind if I shared your table”.
He was charming, courteous, and very attractive Bliss was enchanted. She nodded even as a little voice inside her head cautioned her against this stranger.
“Ok, that will be ok, I am not staying long though, I am travelling through”. Bliss heard the tone of her own voice sounding welcoming of this stranger’s company though the words she said were less so. She found him compelling. She looked into his startlingly blue eyes as he sat down and she thought, well here we go, this could be the someone I am meant to meet.
There was no denying his attractiveness, his skin was pale but fine and unblemished, and his eyelashes fringing those beautiful bright blue eyes were long and curved. He sat down very close to her, almost too close for a stranger, but Bliss could feel something in his presence. He seemed to exude masculinity, sexuality, she thought, as she looked at his lovely shaped lips and imagined what it would be like to kiss him.
He smiled slightly at her, and she wondered if he had guessed what she was thinking, his eyes held a knowing expression. The coffee arrived and Bliss was thankful to have the presence of this young woman Annabelle, as she put the cups down and fussed around for a minute or so.
The young man, who had failed so far to name himself other than as the owner of the café watched Annabelle as she walked away. Then he turned to Bliss, his attention was like a gift, it made Bliss feel special and wanted.

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