Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Snippet from Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love

Meanwhile, Drew had followed the girl in the car to a shopping mall and was wondering how he would approach her without being in the sunlight. The parking was all outside on large flat areas of ground.
The girl knew Drew had followed her and was parking behind her. She was pleasantly surprised by how attractive he was. She had been flattered that he had followed her. It did not enter her head that he might be a danger in his expensive opulent car. She waited for him to get out of his car and perhaps introduce himself, but nothing happened he remained parked behind her. Maybe he was on the phone she reasoned, and then she got out of her own car and walked to his.
Drew put down the electric window, not fully but enough to talk to her, for her to see how attractive he was again. Drew turned on his charm, his ability to convince was extraordinary and he asked her to sit in his car for a few moments, they could exchange numbers, meet later for a drink. The girl walked around to the passenger side as another car pulled into a car parking space next to them. She opened the door and slid onto the leather seat where Drew had quickly made space for her, his hat and coat thrown onto the back seat. Drew smiled at her as she closed the door so that the adjacent car driver could open their door. Once inside the window tint masked virtually everything to someone outside of the car, and anyway the other shopper was in a hurry, and did not even glance at them.
Drew reached over her to the glove compartment saying he would give her his card and the girl enjoyed this closeness. Drew was extremely handsome she was thinking, when he turned, and kissed her, his hand on her neck deceptively gentle. He kissed her again, his hand straying to her breast, stroking her nipple through the thin fabric of her top. The girl felt a wave of desire and as she returned his kiss, he felt the overwhelming need to taste her blood. He moved back from her and gave her a smouldering look with his blue eyes and then he smiled first before he bit into her neck. His hand was now covering her mouth as she tried to scream, his extreme strength snapping her collarbone as he drained her. Drew left her limp, and lifeless body slumped in his passenger seat as he drove away.

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