Friday, December 23, 2011

This sexy Saturday snippet comes from guest book The Task

This sexy and romantic sequel to the urban fantasy sees the three friends and lovers engage in another more complex time travel mystery.

Answers to some questions that have appeared in previous books can be found now in this book five. A special feature lets fans chose their own ending in response to facebook requests.

Chloe loves Oliver and Chloe loves Tristan. They love her too.

She knows she is supposed to choose between them it's what society expects but she can't do it. What will she do?

Who can resist the enigmatic and immortal beautiful knight Tristan Dearing and then again who can resist falling in love with the charismatic and loving Oliver Tarrant?

Tristan started to kiss me, he kissed me over and over until I felt I couldn’t keep my hands from him and I pulled his T-shirt up to be able to run my hands along his bare skin. He made a little sound, and we started to undress each other. He told me he had missed me so much when I was away that he thought his heart would break and that he wanted me now more than he could think about let alone say.
“Tell me you forgive me”, he asked.
I stopped kissing his neck and shoulder to do that and I said it a couple of times as I kissed him. It was hard not to just keep going and make love to him but I had to ask him to forgive me too. I thought he needed to realize he wasn’t the total bad guy in what had happened. We kissed each other and whispered this stuff until without knowing how it happened the intensity that sometimes develops between us overwhelmed me and I had to make love to him.
He held me close after and talked about the task we were to do for Aristide and how he genuinely didn’t expect the spell to work. It seemed so radical an expectation that he could be the catalyst for a new time travel portal simply by standing in the waterfall pool. I smiled at him, it seemed perfectly possible to me, he was very special, and his connection to the waterfall was strong.
“Tristan I think it will work but my doubts come from if he can bend it away to a different time, you know, I think we may end up in 1190 again and maybe I will take some toothpaste after all”. I smiled again knowing I already had some in my bag, and seeing his serious expression, I kissed him. He was so lovely; his eyes seemed very blue in my pale table lamplight.
“Maybe that will happen and we will have to hang out for the seven hours in the forest, it will be cold there now too”, he raised his eyebrows slightly to indicate how unpleasant that might be.
I kissed him again because Tristan in bed with you is just magnetic. We didn’t go to sleep until it was nearly light and then we must have just fallen asleep as we cuddled each other.
It was about eleven thirty when we woke up and started grinning at each other about how late it was. It was good to be close to Tristan again, and I held his face in my hands and told him, “Tristan, I love you and I need you in my life, and I will never give up on that again, so expect a fight next time not a withdrawal. Well if there is a next time”.
“There will not be a next time Chloe. It was foolish of me to assume you and Oliver were, well, what I said. He never admitted anything and that’s a good thing because it was unfair of me to ask”.
He kissed me and I kissed him but at the same time a little thought came into my head, he had decided Oliver and I were not making love, so perhaps it still mattered to him.
Then he continued with, “Chloe making love with you is always special but last night, well, it was completely extraordinary. You put all your feelings in my head and it was like a sensation avalanche. I have to tell you because you may feel weird about it and it seems wrong not to tell you, but I hope you don’t feel weird, because it echoed how I was feeling and it was absolutely the best thing I have ever felt”. He looked questioningly at me, a gentle caring look that stopped me from freaking out. I didn’t know I had done that and I felt weird just as Tristan had thought I might.
“Tristan that is odd, it seems like an invasion of your mind, did you hear words or what?” I asked because although I didn’t remember thinking words I knew how I felt when I was with Tristan was very passionate.
He grinned and then kissed me, and said softly, “Not words, feelings, like bursts of sensation, don’t stop doing it; it’s the best thing I have ever felt. It’s unbelievably sexy”.
I thought for a few seconds because wow, and then I replied, “Tristan, I seem to have done it unconsciously so I probably can’t stop, tell me if it does become a problem”.
Tristan laughed and hugged me, “I will, but I can’t imagine it becoming a problem. In fact I think it might become addictive, I feel a craving for it now”. He kissed me again but I sat up quickly.
“Tristan we have to get up, come on I will take you home, look its past twelve”.

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Sample Sunday great fun with this sexy excerpt from guest author Deanna Chase

This week's Sample Sunday Romantic excerpt comes from guest author Deanna Chase and her novel Haunted in Bourbon Street
I dug into my daily muffin, washed it down with an iced latte and leaned against the cupboards with my eyes closed. My back ached. I made a mental date with my tub.

The swinging door to the front of the cafĂ© creaked. “Just a few more minutes, I promise,” I said.

“Take as long as you need,” a deep, husky voice replied.

My eyes flew open, spotting Kane moving toward me. Where had he come from? I jolted up out of my slouch, preparing to leap off the counter, but Kane blocked me, making it impossible. His eyes roamed over my body, as if taking inventory. My stomach fluttered, and I said a silent thanks I was sitting when my knees turned to jelly. Damn.

“Can I help you?” I asked in a stiff, formal voice.

“Sure, any time.” He moved in close.

“Uh, I mean, do you need something? Now?”

“Yes, I do.” He leaned in with his right arm holding his weight on the shelf over my head.

I tried to form the word what, but as his face came closer I lost all rational thought. Wanting to taste him, to feel his lips on mine, I closed the distance between us and was rewarded with the slightest brush of a kiss. Kane’s warm lips lingered on mine while his free hand caressed my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. The kiss swiftly turned heated as our lips parted with urgency. He tasted faintly of mocha and cinnamon. I pressed closer, anxious for more.

My mind stopped working altogether, and I let myself get lost in the delicious intensity of his expert mouth. Unaware of how it happened, my arms and legs somehow wrapped themselves around his waist. He pressed his hips closer, pushing me up against the cupboards.

His excitement became apparent in more than the bulge pressing against my jeans. Intense need, exactly as I dreamt the night before, took over my senses. My blood boiled, and I ached to feel him, all of him. Desperate to regain control, I pulled away.

He took a step back, smiling a devilish grin. “That wasn’t exactly what I meant, but thanks all the same.” He held a sleeve of coffee cups in his right hand. “I stopped in for a second, and Pyper asked me to get these.”

I tilted my head and spotted the inventory of extra cups.


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Author Bio:
Deanna is a native Californian, transplanted to the slower paced lifestyle of southeastern Louisiana. When she isn't writing, she is often goofing off with her husband in New Orleans, playing with her two shih tzu dogs, making glass beads, or out hocking her wares at various bead shows across the country. For more information and updates on newest releases visit her blog at

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Sexy Saturday Snippet let's have some horrible fun with a vampire

From Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love romance of the week on Kindle Nation daily, comes a tasty little snippet.

A hundred miles away, Drew and Maryanne had enjoyed a leisurely meal and then each other for a couple of hours, it gave them their appetite back, and they decided to cruise the nearby city nightclubs. They had gone to one of Drew’s favorites. Drew was so attractive and in the club lighting, his eyes seemed silver, they caught people’s attention and he enjoyed that. He and Maryanne agreed to split up and then meet in the nearby public garden. A place well known for couples meeting in the club to go and get to know each other better, should that be their desire.
They would each bring a snack would be the plan, and should one of them not get lucky that night, they would share. Maryanne thought it enormous fun and especially since Drew paraded a couple of girls past her, all the while giving her mirthful looks. Drew thought how much fun Maryanne was, Annabelle would never have agreed to play this game.
Just after one in the morning, he took a girl down to the garden and found Maryanne already down there up against a tree with a young man whose jeans were around his knees. His shirt was off too, and Maryanne looked at Drew over the young man’s shoulder with a smile of satisfaction. Drew didn’t want the girl he had brought down to the garden any more, he rather fancied surprising the young man as this unfortunate thrust his hips against Maryanne.
Drew turned to the girl and took her by the shoulders, he pushed her along and into the doorway of the club, telling her he was going home, and she would thank him in the morning for her lucky escape. The confused girl was disappointed because Drew was so hot. Having had this rather firm rejection, she climbed the stairs to the dance floor thinking about the blond boy, who had shown an interest in her before Drew had captured her attention.
Drew was behind the young man who was still up against Maryanne, he swooped on him, biting into his throat at the side with such ferocity, that it tore a large lump of flesh from him, and exposed veins. Maryanne had covered his mouth with hers as the young man had tried to cry out. Drew’s attack was the cue for Maryanne to use her extremely sharp fingernails on the chest of this now panicking young man. She cut deep almost to his heart and she held her free hand over his mouth with her extreme strength smothering his cries of fear and pain. He didn’t last long. They drained him rapidly, and mercifully he had fainted from the pain in his chest, as Maryanne sank her teeth into his aorta.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sample Sunday Fun romance excerpt from guest author Jessica Woodward

Before the Midnight Bells; Once upon a Romance book one

Eleanor Emberton isn't sitting around waiting for a handsome prince to rescue her. In fact, she's determined to save not only herself, but her whole family from her stepmother's headlong plunge into financial ruin. When she meets a mysterious man at the ball, romance is the last thing on her mind, but she can't help feeling an instant attraction. Before long she finds herself head over heels for her charming suitor. So what if he's left out a few teeny, tiny details?
She started with his waist. She had to practically embrace him to run the measuring tape behind his back, and Max could feel the heat of her face, ghosting just above the bare skin on his chest. He was tempted to inhale deeply, and brush against her cheek, but he took a firm grip on himself. He willed himself to not move, no matter what wayward thoughts went through his head.
It was an odd kind of erotic torture, standing there, pretending not to notice when her fingers brushed the flat planes of his stomach as she brought the ends of the tape together. Heat bloomed in his core, rising to meet each delicate fingertip. From his waist she loosened the tape and drew it over his hips, letting the heel of one hand nestle into the hollow just under his hipbone while she noted the measurements with the other. The warmth raced to follow, settling where ever skin met skin.  When she knelt down in front of him, Max closed his eyes and kept track of what she was doing by feeling the path her hands were taking across his body. Whisper light touches—at his waist with one hand, the other skimming along the outside of his leg to the floor—coated his skin with liquid fire.
Ella was grateful when Max closed his eyes. Her face was burning and her hands were shaking, but being unobserved allowed her to calm down and fall into a rhythm; one hand holding the tape, the other letting it slip through her fingers until she found the measurement, then writing it down and beginning again. Waist, hips, waist to floor; the inseam gave her a momentary pause.
“Could you hold this end of the tape for me?” Her voice was pitched so low it almost sounded like another person. Max looked down at her with burning eyes and Ella hastily offered him the measuring tape. He closed his hand over hers, pulling the tape from her suddenly slack fingers.
“Where does it go?” He saw her eyes widen in alarm at the question.
“It, ah, it goes... just put it against your leg, and...” Max almost grinned at her sudden hesitation.
Ella saw the wicked twinkle in his eye, and immediately stopped faltering. “I’m sure you’ve been measured before.”
“I have, but trust me, this is still a whole new experience.”

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Snippet meet Pearl a very cool, clever, vampire

Pearl Pearson was already on her way to Greta’s place. She was driving her sports car, a chilli red Crossfire, with extra tint on the windows, hard top and very cool. She had acquired it from an old girlfriend. Someone whom she had started out feeling love for, so much so, that she had never seen her as a meal. The girl was twenty, only a year older than Pearl’s age at the time she was turned, when they had met in a Casino in London. Nine months of companionship and very hot sex had followed the meeting, but then Libby had looked at another girl who lived nearby once too often. Pearl had finally enjoyed the feed and then felt nothing as she dumped Libby’s body in the Thames that night. It was only fitting she end up where they had started Pearl thought, even though Libby really came from Yorkshire where her mother and father had a thriving chain of wine bars. They had met and cautioned Libby against Pearl but never stopped her generous allowance. Even now, Pearl had availed herself of it at the cash machine in the high street before leaving town and driving to Greta’s place. Canterbury had been busy with tourists and Pearl had cursed them as she waited to use the cash machine, her wide brimmed straw hat only just shading her face and neck from the sun.

Praise for Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy

"The story grabbed me from page one and wouldn’t let go.  I was carried along by the conflicting desires of the characters and the author’s wonderful imagination.  You can feel the tenderness Bliss feels for Devon, you can taste the food, you can sense the day dying and see menace in the shadows.  There are steamy, sensual love scenes and a terrific storyline that leaves you breathlessly anticipating the next installment.  Highly recommended!"
"I love the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre so I knew I had to give this book a try. It was well worth it! This book is dangerous, fun, mysterious, and an absolute page-turner with sizzling HOT romance. I fell in love with the sexy Devon Ruthin". 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Snippet from Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love

She put down her coffee cup and leaned towards Devon and then she put her hand up against his cheek and kissed him. Devon was very touched by this and put his own hand over hers pressing it against his face and then bringing it around to kiss her palm. He looked into her eyes and he was sure she felt a lot for him. He could sense it and her kisses were so giving. She must love him he thought and then he thought please let her love me. Bliss wanted to tell him she loved him, but every experience in her past told her not to. She questioned did she know the difference in how a man behaved when he loved someone, and when he just felt sexual attraction. Bliss didn’t want another broken heart, she needed to protect herself a little bit she thought. Devon sensed the change in her emotions and asked himself what might be happening, but he couldn’t ask Bliss, what would he say?