Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Snippet meet Pearl a very cool, clever, vampire

Pearl Pearson was already on her way to Greta’s place. She was driving her sports car, a chilli red Crossfire, with extra tint on the windows, hard top and very cool. She had acquired it from an old girlfriend. Someone whom she had started out feeling love for, so much so, that she had never seen her as a meal. The girl was twenty, only a year older than Pearl’s age at the time she was turned, when they had met in a Casino in London. Nine months of companionship and very hot sex had followed the meeting, but then Libby had looked at another girl who lived nearby once too often. Pearl had finally enjoyed the feed and then felt nothing as she dumped Libby’s body in the Thames that night. It was only fitting she end up where they had started Pearl thought, even though Libby really came from Yorkshire where her mother and father had a thriving chain of wine bars. They had met and cautioned Libby against Pearl but never stopped her generous allowance. Even now, Pearl had availed herself of it at the cash machine in the high street before leaving town and driving to Greta’s place. Canterbury had been busy with tourists and Pearl had cursed them as she waited to use the cash machine, her wide brimmed straw hat only just shading her face and neck from the sun.

Praise for Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy

"The story grabbed me from page one and wouldn’t let go.  I was carried along by the conflicting desires of the characters and the author’s wonderful imagination.  You can feel the tenderness Bliss feels for Devon, you can taste the food, you can sense the day dying and see menace in the shadows.  There are steamy, sensual love scenes and a terrific storyline that leaves you breathlessly anticipating the next installment.  Highly recommended!"
"I love the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre so I knew I had to give this book a try. It was well worth it! This book is dangerous, fun, mysterious, and an absolute page-turner with sizzling HOT romance. I fell in love with the sexy Devon Ruthin". 

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