Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sexy Saturday Snippet let's have some horrible fun with a vampire

From Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love romance of the week on Kindle Nation daily, comes a tasty little snippet.

A hundred miles away, Drew and Maryanne had enjoyed a leisurely meal and then each other for a couple of hours, it gave them their appetite back, and they decided to cruise the nearby city nightclubs. They had gone to one of Drew’s favorites. Drew was so attractive and in the club lighting, his eyes seemed silver, they caught people’s attention and he enjoyed that. He and Maryanne agreed to split up and then meet in the nearby public garden. A place well known for couples meeting in the club to go and get to know each other better, should that be their desire.
They would each bring a snack would be the plan, and should one of them not get lucky that night, they would share. Maryanne thought it enormous fun and especially since Drew paraded a couple of girls past her, all the while giving her mirthful looks. Drew thought how much fun Maryanne was, Annabelle would never have agreed to play this game.
Just after one in the morning, he took a girl down to the garden and found Maryanne already down there up against a tree with a young man whose jeans were around his knees. His shirt was off too, and Maryanne looked at Drew over the young man’s shoulder with a smile of satisfaction. Drew didn’t want the girl he had brought down to the garden any more, he rather fancied surprising the young man as this unfortunate thrust his hips against Maryanne.
Drew turned to the girl and took her by the shoulders, he pushed her along and into the doorway of the club, telling her he was going home, and she would thank him in the morning for her lucky escape. The confused girl was disappointed because Drew was so hot. Having had this rather firm rejection, she climbed the stairs to the dance floor thinking about the blond boy, who had shown an interest in her before Drew had captured her attention.
Drew was behind the young man who was still up against Maryanne, he swooped on him, biting into his throat at the side with such ferocity, that it tore a large lump of flesh from him, and exposed veins. Maryanne had covered his mouth with hers as the young man had tried to cry out. Drew’s attack was the cue for Maryanne to use her extremely sharp fingernails on the chest of this now panicking young man. She cut deep almost to his heart and she held her free hand over his mouth with her extreme strength smothering his cries of fear and pain. He didn’t last long. They drained him rapidly, and mercifully he had fainted from the pain in his chest, as Maryanne sank her teeth into his aorta.