Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sample Sunday guest author this weekend is Tallulah Grace

We welcome Tallulah Grace this Sunday with a lovely romantic excerpt from her new release
The Littles
An aficionado of anything paranormal, Tallulah Grace pens romantic suspense novels with a paranormal flair. Tallulah was born and raised in a small southern town located in the foothills of the vibrant Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not developing characters and weaving stories, Tallulah enjoys reading and bead-weaving.

The Littles
An SSCD Crime Thriller
The mountains of rural Georgia will never be the same after a series of viscous murders rock the area to its core. Not only does the killer target children, his gruesome murders are designed to inflict the ultimate agony upon their parents and to instill extreme terror within the small communities.

An SSCD team, part of the FBI’s Special Serial Crimes Division, accepts the case and the conditional Governor’s liaison, a prosecutor with more baggage than anyone realizes. Travel with them over the hills of the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains as they hunt the psychopath stalking the innocent. Can they capture him before he strikes again? Will he turn the tables and ensnare one of their own in his devious trap?

This psychological thriller delves into the mind of a deranged serial killer as it follows the twists and turns of an SSCD manhunt. Action packed and filled with suspense, The Littles takes readers on a thrill ride they will not soon forget.


Her kiss was soft, tentative, as if she was unsure of his response. Sensing that she needed the control, Adam let her take the lead even though it took every ounce of strength he possessed not to crush her to him.
The stars in the sky were not the only ones Kelly had swirling in her head. She’d lived too long without feeling a man’s touch, without feeling the warmth of a man’s breath mingling with hers. Adam tasted like sweet wine and strawberries, she couldn’t get enough.
Moaning softly, she explored the inside of his lips with the tip of her tongue, marveling at the smooth texture and the unfamiliar moisture. She felt Adam stiffen and suck in a breath while keeping his body perfectly still. She felt the light pressure of his response and sensed the power it took for him to let her have her way. Smiling slightly, she pulled away, breaking the kiss with a sigh. It really was like riding a bicycle.
Adam let her end the kiss, but slid his arms around her waist to keep her near. He wondered if she could feel his heartbeat, it felt as if it were about to catapult right out of his chest. Looking into her eyes, he saw that same look of wonder she’d had this morning at the lake and tonight, just moments ago.
He knew how she felt. This thing between them had a life of its own, took control and left them powerless in its wake. Smiling down at her, he lowered his lips to hers.
This time the kiss exploded, leaving sweetness behind on the way to full blown passion. Lights flashed in his head as he devoured her lips, her tongue, her soul. His hands roamed the silkiness of her hair down the length of her back. He could not stop touching her.


 The first three chapters of The Littles are available on Tallulah's website, Readers can also find the short story, Kelly's Christmas, here: Kelly stars in the romantic excerpt listed above and is one of the main characters of The Littles. Kelly's Christmas offers insight into Kelly's history and introduces the paranormal element present in The Littles.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drew's turn to be interviewed read what he thinks of himself

Not to be outdone by Devon and his interview earlier this year, Drew is interviewed today on the blog,
Find out what he thinks of the author and the book 'Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes'.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This weekend Britt Bury is the guest author and shares her experience at the Romantic Times conference

Our guest author this weekend is Britt Bury.
Britt Bury writes paranormal romance where the immortals are fierce, the stakes are high, and desire can be deadly.
Britt was raised in Corvallis, Oregon and attended Oregon State University majoring in Liberal Studies. When her dream of being a professional karaoke star and Elvis impersonator didn’t pan out, she turned to writing. She currently lives in the Silicon Valley with her brilliant husband, two sons and an obscene amount of fish. 

Britt's first paranormal romance releases July 3, 2012 with Grand Central's imprint: Forever Yours. Britt is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. 


Izel Campbell was raised to believe she is an immortal Fionn with the magical skills of persuasion. But when she travels to Scotland to visit her ancestral home, Izel discovers that she is actually the world’s last living human. Forced to run for her life, Izel crosses paths with Kelvin Kerr, the Campbells’ greatest foe—and the most magnificent warrior she has ever seen.
A thousand-year-old battle chief of the Kerr clan, Kelvin lives only to avenge his father, who died at the hands of the bloody Campbells. Honor demands he kill the Campbell heir, but when he learns that the lovely Izel is both Campbell and human, Kelvin is torn between duty and desire . . .

Britt shares her RT experience
The “Glamorous” side of RT
First I want to thank Tessa so much for having me! Many people have been talking about how amazing RT was this year. They’d be right, it was so much fun! However, this was my first conference and for a debut author with an anxiety problem, I had more than a few slip ups along the way. I figure, what better way to share a mortifying moment than a first person recall:
As I painfully shimmied my way to oversized chair where I would meet my editor for the first time, I cursed myself once again for my choice in shoes. I was one step and a pair of four inch heels away from falling flat on my face. I also didn’t understand how my skirt could have shrunk in my suitcase on the plan ride over. I swear…it fit a few weeks ago…
But there I was, taking miniature strides (partly because the skirt didn’t allow much room to actually move my legs and partly because I was already teetering in stilettos I couldn’t afford in the first place). Maybe my editor wouldn’t see through the fa├žade I was weaving—wouldn’t notice I was really a tee-shirt and tennis shoe kind of girl. No, not tonight! Tonight I was a polished professional who didn’t snort while laughing or accidently curse out loud when nervous.  
By the time I walked across the hotel lobby and reached our meeting ground, anxiety had fully set in. And I don’t mean that cute, “Oh, I have butterflies in my stomach,” kind of thing. No. This was sticky skin, wheezing and pit stains to my waist kind of terror. (Too graphic? Sorry, but I feel you need to know the truth). Despite my best efforts to be carefree and classy, I ended up a nervous wreck with a sweating problem even my husband’s man deodorant that I stole from him couldn’t handle.
“Brittney?” my editor asked.  Oh my god, she was gorgeous! All I could think was, ‘since when did they start hiring models as editors?’ I tried to mask the intimidation I was feeling, but all I could do was nod (by nod I mean shake my head in some random way that resembled more of a seizure than agreement). “So nice to meet you!” she said, and motioned for me to sit.
I sat.
Big mistake.
The button on my skirt flew off and skidded across the room. I panicked, hoping no one noticed. Trying to calm my breathing, I focused on not fidgeting—didn’t work—and sitting in a way that would not show my gaping skirt ripping further.
But all I accomplished was looking like a drippy, hyperventilating amateur with a hemorrhoid problem.
I sat, terrified and twitching and sweating bullets. At some point I’m pretty sure I started babbling about tattoos, “that one time on my 18th birthday” and asked, “Oh! Do you have a tramp stamp too?”
Yes…I asked my editor if she had a “tramp stamp.”
And to think, I was worried about being classy?
Despite all the angst and fear, my meeting and RT turned out to be a wonderful experience. My editor is such a good sport and so nice. She helped me loosen up and tackle my nerves. But if there is one thing I learned, it is that stepping outside your comfort zone is sometime necessary. Being writers, a lot of us like our privacy. We confine ourselves, not only inside our homes, but inside our minds. Our stories are our escapes, so stepping into the real world can be scary at times. But I’m glad I did. There are so many supportive people out there who are ready and willing to give you a pat on the back and kind words. And sometimes we forget that we need a small boost of confidence to realize things aren’t as terrifying as they may seem.
But keep your antiperspirant close just in case! 
Britt Bury April 18, 2012
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

This week's Sample Sunday comes from guest author Grace Elliot and a brand new excerpt from her Historical Romance Eulogy's Secret

We are happy to have Grace Elliot as our guest for  Sample Sunday with her lovely historical romance Eulogy's Secret
Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night. Grace lives near London and is addicted to cats, acting as housekeeping staff to five mischievous moggies.
Grace believes intelligent people need romantic fiction in their lives as an antidote to the modern world and as an avid reader of historicals she turned to writing as a release from the emotionally draining side of veterinary work. Her second novel ‘Eulogy’s Secret’ is a story of greed, prejudice and a stolen identity.

Bright, moss-green eyes blinked back at her, as Eulogy realized he [Huntley] was waiting for her permission to stay. Her heart skipped and wondering if she’d misjudged him, cautiously, she nodded.
As the housekeeper fussed with the fire, Eulogy fought the discomfort Huntley stirred in her. His voice resonated deep in her body, and when he smiled she wanted to stare, to drink in that strong face, so masculine with its angles and planes, and yet somehow vulnerable. His presence filled her with unnamable sensations as she fixed her gaze firmly on the teapot.
They made an awkward party with Huntley gruff as a bear and Eulogy skittish as a colt. It didn’t help that she couldn’t make up her mind what to think. One moment he seemed high handed and arrogant, and the next a kind word to Mrs. Featherstone and her heart melted. Then there was the way his large hand folded round the teacup, that something so big could be so gentle did strange things to her insides.
Gilbert jumped onto his lap.
“No, Gibbe, get down this instant.” Eulogy leapt to her feet, trying to shoo the cat from a comfortable perch on Huntley’s long thighs and his immaculate buckskin breeches. But Huntley just smiled, ignoring the cat’s sooty feet, and started stroking the stripy ginger coat causing Gilbert to erupt into purrs.
“He really should get down. He’ll ruin your breeches.”
“It’s quite all right. Really.”
As if to emphasize the point, Gilbert bunted against Huntley’s hand as he found the sweet spot below the tom-cat’s ear.
“Oh. He obviously likes you.”
Eulogy sank back, nonplussed by this man who was overbearing, arrogant, domineering and yet strikingly handsome and utterly charming when he wished. That Huntley tolerated the old tom cat was unmistakably attractive and set Eulogy wondering if his bluster was just that…an act. His hooded eyes lifted to meet her gaze, and a moment of understanding passed between them that shook Eulogy to the core.

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Flirty Friday on The Ruthin Trilogy has a short sample from Stone Kisses

Flirty Friday on The Ruthin Trilogy and a short sample from the new release Stone Kisses. To brighten up your lunch break, or commute.
Stella and Justin flirted just a little over supper amongst the interesting and enjoyable conversation they had. Stella discovered that Justin knew all kinds of things about art and artists. She was delighted when he came with her to her office down the hall to look at her designs for the latest book cover. Justin liked it and he told her how he loved the colors and the way they somehow complemented the book title. He turned to her. His head was close to hers and he put a hand up to her cheek and held her face. His lips were soft and gentle and the kiss deepened when Stella put her arms around him and he in turn held her around the waist and pulled her very close.
They spent a couple of moments kissing and Stella felt herself go liquid inside. She relaxed against Justin wanting to be with him and against him kissing for a long time.
They went to sit together on her big sofa in the conservatory and snuggled against each other. It was almost as if they had each decided that things were different between them. They had somehow given each other permission to feel something more than friendship. Justin knew he shouldn’t do it when their kisses became so much more intense than the couple of kisses they had exchanged the night they had fallen asleep together. He sighed as he held her close; she was delicious he thought.

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Heads up for Stone Kisses being featured by Donna Faz on the blog....

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Sample Sunday treat from Stone Kisses

A real treat today for Sample Sunday with a snippet sample from the delicious Stone Kisses.
Please note this snippet has adult content.

His thoughts turned to Stella and he imagined her fingers trailing over his chest, her lips against his and her arm around his waist. He sighed then and was surprised to find it was almost a real sigh. He still loved her, she was special and little wonder Justin had fallen in love with her.

As darkness fell Mercury began to feel jealous of what Justin might right then be doing with Stella. Mercury felt his new heartbeat skip one as he considered Justin touching Stella’s lovely skin and moving inside her. He felt a tear form and trickle down his cheek to rest a little above the other tear and add to the impression that his heart was breaking.

Justin was indeed touching Stella. His hands around her face he kissed her gently and often as she sat on his lap. They had made up for not seeing each other the night before by constant kissing and touching since Justin had arrived and now they were about to go to bed. Justin felt as if he couldn’t wait to feel her naked against him as she opened the buttons on his shirt and began to kiss the top of his chest. He pulled her T-shirt off and unclipped her bra so that he could cup a breast and bring it to his lips.

Stella whispered softly to him that they should just go up to bed because she was becoming a little desperate to make love to him. Justin lifted her up and laid her on the sofa to take her jeans off. He kissed along her stomach and pushed down her underwear to open her to his fingers and before long Stella was murmuring against his lips as he kissed her and made sure she had the desperation quenched.
When they went upstairs to bed Justin was desperate too and he intended to make love to her for most of the night.

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