Friday, April 13, 2012

Flirty Friday on The Ruthin Trilogy has a short sample from Stone Kisses

Flirty Friday on The Ruthin Trilogy and a short sample from the new release Stone Kisses. To brighten up your lunch break, or commute.
Stella and Justin flirted just a little over supper amongst the interesting and enjoyable conversation they had. Stella discovered that Justin knew all kinds of things about art and artists. She was delighted when he came with her to her office down the hall to look at her designs for the latest book cover. Justin liked it and he told her how he loved the colors and the way they somehow complemented the book title. He turned to her. His head was close to hers and he put a hand up to her cheek and held her face. His lips were soft and gentle and the kiss deepened when Stella put her arms around him and he in turn held her around the waist and pulled her very close.
They spent a couple of moments kissing and Stella felt herself go liquid inside. She relaxed against Justin wanting to be with him and against him kissing for a long time.
They went to sit together on her big sofa in the conservatory and snuggled against each other. It was almost as if they had each decided that things were different between them. They had somehow given each other permission to feel something more than friendship. Justin knew he shouldn’t do it when their kisses became so much more intense than the couple of kisses they had exchanged the night they had fallen asleep together. He sighed as he held her close; she was delicious he thought.

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