Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sample Sunday treat from Stone Kisses

A real treat today for Sample Sunday with a snippet sample from the delicious Stone Kisses.
Please note this snippet has adult content.

His thoughts turned to Stella and he imagined her fingers trailing over his chest, her lips against his and her arm around his waist. He sighed then and was surprised to find it was almost a real sigh. He still loved her, she was special and little wonder Justin had fallen in love with her.

As darkness fell Mercury began to feel jealous of what Justin might right then be doing with Stella. Mercury felt his new heartbeat skip one as he considered Justin touching Stella’s lovely skin and moving inside her. He felt a tear form and trickle down his cheek to rest a little above the other tear and add to the impression that his heart was breaking.

Justin was indeed touching Stella. His hands around her face he kissed her gently and often as she sat on his lap. They had made up for not seeing each other the night before by constant kissing and touching since Justin had arrived and now they were about to go to bed. Justin felt as if he couldn’t wait to feel her naked against him as she opened the buttons on his shirt and began to kiss the top of his chest. He pulled her T-shirt off and unclipped her bra so that he could cup a breast and bring it to his lips.

Stella whispered softly to him that they should just go up to bed because she was becoming a little desperate to make love to him. Justin lifted her up and laid her on the sofa to take her jeans off. He kissed along her stomach and pushed down her underwear to open her to his fingers and before long Stella was murmuring against his lips as he kissed her and made sure she had the desperation quenched.
When they went upstairs to bed Justin was desperate too and he intended to make love to her for most of the night.

Stone Kisses is available on Amazon.

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