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Sample Sunday from Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes and the author talks about how the story evolved as the character Drew Ruthin took over the story

Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes is volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy from author Tessa Stokes.

 Tessa began writing paranormal romance, and urban fantasy after realizing that the stories she wrote always developed some theme that was not able to fit into the contemporary real romance genre. Interested in human behavior, and emotions Tessa is a keen observer of how people behave.
Many of the characters in her books have a base in a real person, although she develops them into composite, and new people, and Tessa tells us that the characters soon take on a life of their own. 
"Characters become real for me and I get to know them. They often dictate where the story is going by their behavior. I like to describe my characters so that readers also know them, and can see them as they read.
In volume one of The Ruthin trilogy we need to know about the magical beings that Devon Ruthin lives amongst, but Devon is the point of interest from which the rest of the story develops. His counterpart Bliss has a greater significance than becoming his love interest, and this is revealed in book three. As it is Devon and Bliss fall in love, and that is a strong romantic theme within the book. Bubbling along under the surface is the romance that will take centre stage towards the end of the book, and the character Drew Ruthin, who is my favorite character, begins to take over the trilogy.
An incorrigible and dangerous vampire, he begins his character journey as a petulant killer, but hints of him being able to change are given so that when in Volume two he is given a new lease of life his journey changes, and we find his deep love for the character Elise takes over.
The men in The Ruthin Trilogy are sexy and compelling, but the women are strong and powerful. When it seems Bliss may have been 'buried' within the plot because of her love for Devon and their established romance volume three will be a surprise.
In Volume two, Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes the steamy romance has to be more intense because of the way Drew and Elise love each other. Balthazar Crane the ancient magical being who becomes a focal character brings with him some sizzling love scenes that highlight his  passionate nature, and also the hidden aspects of the way the magical beings have lived in the past.
Throughout the trilogy readers can pick up that these beings have just as many secrets to hide as the vampire community in the books".
Balthazar brings us today's sample Sunday excerpt. It contains adult content and so is suitable for 18 years old and  up, please click on the tab at the top of the blog to read this excerpt.

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