Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sample Weekend, and from the time travel, paranormal romance/urban fantasy The Seven Spell Saga, we have a snippet and information

Bartholomew Pike's Spell Book: The Seven Spell Saga book six

Book Six follows on from the author's cut in Book five.
New characters emerge, and a surprise is in store for Chloe McGarry, and her two companions Tristan Dearing, and Oliver Tarrant.

The three friends and lovers find themselves embroiled in yet another adventure, this time indirectly caused by the time travel portal on the Dearing estate.
Tristan and Oliver are both in love with Chloe, and she reciprocates. A young woman seeking out Tristan for help arrives on the Dearing estate; her message is about the young knight Gaston. Gaston is in trouble, held captive, and being tortured.
They must attempt a rescue. What can go wrong?

Magic has always followed Tristan Dearing around, his lover Chloe has caught the habit, and now so has the lovely Oliver Tarrant.

In the attic of Tristan’s reacquired house in the White Witch woods they find a cache of antiques. Where have they come from and why does Oliver feel an affinity with them?

Already the trio has found their special abilities evolving, and now Oliver, with his love for technology suddenly finds himself with as much magic surrounding him as Tristan.

In this enchanting continuation of The Seven Spell Saga the romance between the characters takes new turns.
They find new directions for their lives, which have been so changed over the last three years by their meeting.
They try to settle down to use the special abilities they have received from their blood bond with the enigmatic, immortal knight Tristan Dearing.
Does fate let them?


I walked over. “Let me try Oliver” I said, and he held the handprint out for me.
I put my hand into the shape and felt a vague tingle. The carved hand fit my hand too and I looked up at Oliver who raised his eyebrows.
“Magic”, he said and smiled.
We both smiled but at the same time I felt a little strange, and was happy when Oliver put the thing down and turned to me.
“Chloe come and be cuddled. I love you, did I tell you that yet?” and he kissed me. It was a long time before we stopped kissing each other and I left my head against his chest after to catch my breath and stop feeling as if my legs had melted.
“You don’t need to go anywhere right now do you?” Oliver asked in a whisper and I shook my head. I didn’t want to be anywhere other than pressed against Oliver right then.

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