Saturday, June 9, 2012

Something special and different for Sample Sunday today, our guest author is Alex Le Soum

Today we welcome author Alex Le Soum to the blog for Sample Sunday.

Alex Le Soum is a new British author based in the south of England. Her works include the first eight volumes in the Kolian Chronicles series, plus a number of novellas and short stories. The next novel in the Kolian Chronicles, Uncivil War, will be released autumn 2012.
Alex writes Science Fiction and Paranormal blends with romance and a love story strongly threaded throughout her science fiction series The Kolian Chronicles.
Her 'Love Twist' collection of short stories will surprise and delight you.

Alex has three school age children, and one very mischievous tortoise.

Today we feature Book one in The Kolian Chronicles: Space Turbulence.

 Murder, romance, heartbreak and intrigue - trapped on a spaceship lightyears from anywhere. Fourteen people, one murderer - it's going to be one hell of a ride.

The Kolian Chronicles #1 - Space Turbulence

Meet Hammer Mehran, space captain, smuggler, serial womanizer and all round bad boy. Not the ideal person to turn to if you're trying to hold onto your virtue and reputation.

But if your life's in danger he's got your back. And if you're a pretty young woman your front, your legs and all the other interesting bits in between.

Then Mysior stumbles into his life - beautiful, vulnerable and with an air of mystery he can't quite put his finger on, and he finds his allergy to commitment waning.

But the blossoming romance is cut short by a brutal murder. Neither of them know the first thing about murder investigation. The only thing they do know is they were together when it happened and they didn't do it.

If they don't solve the murder before they hit port, the authorities will be swarming all over the ship. With a hold stuffed with illegal goods, Hammer isn't keen on that idea. But he wants revenge and he wants Mysior to help him.

They have five days. They have twelve suspects. All they have to do is stay alive, eliminate suspects and try not to let their romance distract them. And resolve the strange case of suspected gravy molestation along the way.

If you like your heroes with a wicked side, your plots with a twist and safe story lines jettisoned out the waste chute somewhere around the Orion Nebula, then check out the 12,000 word free sample.

The novel is a self-contained murder mystery which can be read as the introduction to the Kolian Chronicles or a stand-alone story. Contains strong language and adult content.


Hammer woke before the alarm. He leant on his elbow and gazed down at her. She looked so young and innocent in her sleep, her hair spread out across his pillow like a dark halo around her beautiful face. She was an angel. An angel with a wicked streak, he amended his assessment, recalling their hours of pleasuring each other last night. He bent over and kissed her damaged cheek, determined that if he did nothing else for her he’d find her miserable excuse of a husband and make him pay for the suffering he’d caused her. She stirred and opened her eyes, smiling lovingly at him. 
‘Is it morning?’ she asked sleepily.

‘Technically it’s lunchtime. There’s a five hour time shift between The Dump and Koliar. And I have to go back to work.’

She reached out and pulled him towards her. He kissed her tenderly and then shook his head apologetically. ‘I can’t, darling. I have to do the final approach. I’m our only pilot.’

She lowered her eyes, screwing up her feelings into a tiny ball and tucking them away into the deepest corner of her heart. She would always love him, but she could live without him, she told herself firmly. It was enough that she had her memory of last night and she could replay it in her imagination a thousand times, knowing it had truly happened.

‘Go on then, you disreputable pirate. You’ve had your wicked way enough times to pay the late booking fee several times over, so I don’t know why you’re still hanging around here waiting for more.’

‘Thank you.’ He brushed her hair out of her eyes, as unsure as she was exactly what he meant by that.

He disappeared into the washroom, grabbing a clean flightsuit on the way, and returned some minutes later fully dressed. She was sitting by the window, staring into space. He walked over and placed an arm around her bare shoulders, stroking her soft skin, desperately not wanting to leave her, but knowing he had to.

‘That’s the Kolian sun,’ he told her, pointing to a bright star in the centre of her view. ‘If you keep looking for about another half hour you’ll see a bluish object. That’s Scallous, the outermost planet of the Kolian system, an ice giant. I’ll take us in close to its orbit so you get a good view, if you like?’

She nodded silently, feeling a heady mixture of emotions as she realised that every moment took them closer to the home-world and closer to saying their final goodbyes.
You can buy this book on kindle,

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