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Welcome to our guest character, Balthazar Crane the gorgeous, ancient warrior mage, from the second volume of The Ruthin trilogy

Welcome Balthazar! Tell us about yourself and the book you star in.
Thank you for inviting me to interview. I’m in Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy: Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes.
I am a new character to the trilogy but important because I link the threads of the story to volume three and I know the vampires that the books are about. I am also what you might call a lead romantic male character. I’ve been on my own for over a thousand years and I am lonely. I try not to be but I’m desperate for love. When I meet another of my race, I fall hard in love with her. It’s great. We have some smoking love scenes, especially our first night together.
The book is about love in many ways. One of the vampires is out to find his lost love and he’s the one who has come into contact with our ancient blood. Things get weird and interesting.
I can’t help recruiting another of my ancient race, who is also a warrior like me to begin the task of eradicating the vampires. The story is complex and I might give spoilers if I don’t be careful. (Smiles)

Balthazar, I know that we all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?
In fact I like everything my creator did with me. She let me show my true nature which is passionate and well…..frankly….sexy. I’m kind and quite a deep thinker and she let that shine through. I can’t think of anything she could have done differently for me. She even described what I think of Christmas trees, and the way I stroke the stone dragon that lives in the café below one of my offices. What she doesn’t know is that I have seen them in real life but that was so long ago she wouldn’t know. I’ve let my magic go a little and she understands why so she’s been really kind to me.
If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?
More sex. There is a lot I guess considering that the story has to have so many other threads, but I would have liked a couple more scenes with my lover. Sorry I think that’s because I’m in love.

What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?
I think I love my compassion most, and yet I lose that a little when thinking about the vampire Drew Ruthin. I love my passion and my ability to show and act on it.
What do I like least? Maybe the fact that I gave up on finding my people when we were all separated. I just gave up, packed up my magic and started my lonely existence.
What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?
Definitely going after the vampires, because I’m in a hurry to get the job done the one hand, and tired of it on the other hand. It’s not just that though, I know that there is something special about to happen in Volume three so I had to cool my jets on going after Drew Ruthin.
By the title of the story, I know there is another book, what do you want to accomplish in book 3?
Ah, that’s a difficult question to answer as it might give away some really crucial plot twists.  I think right now I want to destroy Drew and his sidekicks. I want to find one of our race that is missing and continue my love story.
Can you share one of your favorite parts of the book without giving too much away and tell us why you chose it?
You mean Volume two, well okay. I think there are a couple of my love scenes on blogs already so I will share something else.
[He ran down the old staircase and passed the entrance to the tiny coffee house that was on the ground floor of the building. The tempting smell of what was the best coffee in town drifted out of the old doorway, the restored oak door held open by a large stone dragon. Balthazar rented the ground floor to the proprietor of the coffee shop. Not that he collected any rent, he would say ‘just knowing you love the old place and take care of it is enough’ to Rita, and he didn’t just say it, he had it put in writing for her. Balthazar was kind hearted and generous, and he meant it, it would be hard to find anyone who loved that old building more than Rita, except for himself of course.
As he passed the dragon, Balthazar stroked its stone head and smiled. He was parked, just as Imogen would have been parked, in the annoyingly small car park at the end of this part of the high street, and he walked at a pace down there. He passed B. Clack Fine Antiques and Collectables the antique store, which he also owned and let himself think about Greta, and the way her skirt had blown about giving him a glimpse of her shapely thighs. He knew what she was, and that knowledge was the only reason he had never approached her because as soon as he had laid eyes on her years ago, he had liked what he had seen. He knew it was not love; it was because she reminded him of someone he used to love very long ago.
He was almost grinning to himself as he got into his Chevrolet and backed out of the two car parking spaces that his truck took up. Its ice white exterior was streaked with mud, but inside it was pristine and Balthazar chose a music track he was fond of as he joined the traffic that was now bumper to bumper on the high street. It was a long time ago that he had loved and lost. It still hurt a little, but the real problem had been his inability to love again. He looked at women and he sometimes wished there was someone. He would like to hold someone’s hand and drift in the pleasure of long kisses, but he knew it would not happen.
Years ago a friend he had made told him that he was too picky and he didn’t doubt that was true now, but at the time he hadn’t thought so. He had only thought there was chemistry that needed to happen, that when he saw the right woman he would know, and that she would be somewhere in the world, and they would meet.]

I chose this because it starts the joke off about my names, I have several, and because it lets the reader into how much I need to love and be loved as well as showing something of my sensual nature.
Anything else you would like to tell us Balthazar?
Just that I am pleased the author finally decided and stuck with the new book covers. Volume two cover has a good shot of me up in the tree area LOL, but also Volume one’s new cover has Devon Ruthin on it, and that’s great because he really was hoping to be on the cover somewhere, since Drew seems to get a lot of the limelight. Devon’s happy as he’s there kissing Bliss. (Smiles)

Thank you Balthazar for joining us today. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and I hope that our readers enjoyed it also.
Thank you, I did enjoy it very much. I hope readers feel free to ask me any questions in the comments area. Thank you to readers too, some of you have said lovely things about me and that means a lot to me.

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