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Elodie Parkes has a new book just released this week, and we know you would want to check it out

This is a contemporary romance, a mystery, a quirky tale of life and the things people do for love, erotic but character driven. It is for 18+ only and contains explicit sex in the love scenes. Romance for men and for women in this story told about the brothers and their love lives.
Two brothers alike in a crucial way and not alike at all in others, both looking for love. Named after characters in one of their grandfather’s gritty spy novels, Jet and Falcon wonder if their often absent father is a spy.
Kind hearted Jet feels trapped in a job he doesn’t like.
Dynamic, creative Falcon loves his work.

Jet longs for something different in his life. When he meets Emma, he thinks that after their night of delightful lovemaking he has found it. He longs to see her after that night. Does she feel the same?

Jet begins to change his life, but it’s worrying and time consuming. His luck is about to change when Annabel kisses him in the local pub garden. Her sexual advances at first shock Jet until he lets himself relax into her passionate ways.

Jet has inherited a cottage from his grandfather, and as he clears out the garden shed what he finds there turns his ideas about his own family upside down.
Jet along with his brother Falcon decide to find out the secrets that have been hidden from them. Was their father a spy after all?
As Jet and Falcon start to unravel the secret life of their father, they realize that love is more important to them than they could have imagined, and Falcon finds what he wants.

Excerpts from Two of Them (please note excerpt two is suitable for adults only)

The journey was not as bad as Jet expected, and they found themselves tired but manageably so more than a day later in a taxi going to their accommodation on Sorrento beach. They picked up their key to the little apartment from the concierge and dumped their suitcases in their bedrooms before they made a cup of coffee.

“This will be fine Jet”, Falcon said as he looked around. There was a little jar of coffee and packets of sugar by the kettle and a tiny carton of milk in the fridge. They needed to go out to the store and fortunately for them a small mall was only a walk away. Falcon had arranged a rental car, but they were not picking it up until the next morning as they felt they needed to sleep off the jet lag overnight.

Jet had made cups of coffee and they went out onto the balcony to drink it. The day was warm and the light incredibly bright. They could see the Indian Ocean through a large gap in the two buildings on the road opposite. The beach was down that little lane between the buildings too, and Jet smiled as he took in the view of palm trees and the atmosphere.

“It’s autumn here but it’s still lovely isn’t it Falcon? Let’s walk out to the shopping mall and then we can relax for the rest of the afternoon. I’d like to walk on the beach this evening”.
Jet was smiling and Falcon smiled back pleased with his brother’s response.

They walked in the sunshine to the mall, bought what they needed with their credit cards, and browsed in a surf shop before they went back to the apartment.
They were surprised how quickly it got dark in the evening but still had a short walk by the serene, pale green ocean.

The next day having set their cell phones to wake them up, they got a taxi to the city and picked up the rental car before driving off helped by the navigation unit, to find the genealogist’s office in North Perth. The day felt hot to them and they were in T-shirts and jeans. They parked in the small car park at the front of the office and went through the smoked glass door into it.


Tobi sighed against his lips and began to unbutton his shirt. She ran her hands across his chest and Falcon felt himself harden against her. He pressed closer and moved a hand to hold her face so that he kissed her softly, gently, and then as she began to unzip his jeans, he deepened the kiss feeling swept away with the need to bury himself into her.

“Let’s just go to bed Falcon”, Tobi whispered, and she trailed her fingertips across his lower stomach so that Falcon’s muscles clenched in anticipation.

He could only whisper, “Yes let’s”, against her lips.

Tobi took him to her bedroom, and stood in front of him to pull her short, lacy T-shirt dress over her head. Her hair fell around her shoulders and sheer black bra. Falcon took the step to her and clasped her close to him. He kissed down her neck and over her breasts as he unfastened the bra and took it away from her breasts. He licked her nipples one by one and pushed her underwear down. Tobi dragged his shirt down his arms and Falcon stopped tracing the curve of her bottom to take his shirt off.

They kissed each other Falcon moving his tongue over hers, and then as he smiled and moved her legs apart gently with his leg, Tobi kissed down his throat to his shoulder and bit gently. Falcon felt her dampness with his fingertips. He dropped to his knees and Tobi arched to his tongue as he found her bud. He swirled his tongue around her, and put first one finger into her, and then another just to hear her throaty sounds of pleasure as he licked her and moved his fingers to heighten the sensation.

Tobi whispered his name, “Falcon, please”. He took his tongue and fingers from her gently and they moved to the bed. Tobi sat down and Falcon stood between Tobi’s legs as she pulled down his jeans and he stepped out of them. He took hold of her hips, as he laid her down, and raised her to push gently into her before Tobi thrust towards him, and he started to move with long slow strokes. Falcon moved to cover her, their stomachs touched and they couldn’t kiss each other enough as their hips worked to drive each other to a shattering release. Tobi moaned softly and Falcon whispered against her lips. “I have never felt anything like that before”.

Tobi kissed him and whispered back. “Me neither, we fit together well”.

They rolled onto their sides. They couldn’t stop kissing each other nor giving little thrusts of their hips as the sensations continued to come in little waves.
“I still want you”, he whispered. “It’s not stopping”. His tongue found hers and they shuddered a little against each other needing more.

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 Elodie Parkes writes contemporary romance with an erotic twist.
 Elodie Parkes currently lives in Canterbury, United Kingdom, (of Chaucer fame), with her two dogs. Elodie loves to go to the coast whenever she can.
 She combines writing with her job in a local antiques shop and says the people  she meets there often spark a story idea.

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