Saturday, September 1, 2012

This weekend I welcome guest author Eden Baylee

Welcome Eden 

Eden Baylee writes literary erotica and erotic romance. Her stories are both sensual and sexual, incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on. Spring into Summer is her second collection of erotic novellas.
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About the book

In Spring into Summer, a collection of emotionally-charged erotic novellas, four women explore their sexual limits, marked by love, lust, and loss.

Life for Claire Pelletier is changed forever when she meets a professor who teaches her a most important lesson in "A Season for Everything."

Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man in "Unlocking the Mystery" and discovers the key to her own heart.

With an open mind, Ava Connors attends a party but wonders if reality can ever live up to her hottest fantasies in "Summer Solstice."

In "The Lottery," Sierra Zhao sacrifices herself to numerous men to help a friend, fully aware of the consequences.

With locations in London, Dublin, Cape Cod, and Bangkok, these four women will seek pleasure to alter their lives and push their sexual boundaries. 

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 Excerpt from “A Season for Everything”

Flipping the pages of the book, I chuckled when I realized I’d picked up one of the many iterations of the Kama Sutra, widely regarded as the most famous work on erotic pleasure ever created. I blushed as I stared at the pages of explicit sexual positions, each beautifully illustrated with stunning color photographs and step-by-step instructions.

“Are you learning anything?” said a deep voice near me. I slammed the book shut like a teen-aged boy caught with his first dirty magazine. Slowly, I turned around to stare into the dark brown eyes of the man behind me. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said and smiled; tiny crow’s feet only made him more alluring.

“I was just flipping pages.” I felt more heat rush to my cheeks and hoped to god I was not turning beet red. I slid the book back into its place on the shelf.

“My name’s Stephen Taylor. Brenda said we should meet.” He held out his hand but couldn’t even extend his arm fully as he stood too close to me. I took a step back until my body hit the bookshelf and I could move no farther.

“I’m Claire—Claire Pelletier.”

“Nice to meet you Claire,” he said. “You don’t have a drink. Would you like me to get you one?”

“No, that’s fine.” I cleared my throat. “I haven’t eaten a thing today. I’ll get one later.” I noticed he didn’t have a drink either.

“That’s a good idea. There’s a line-up for the wine, but I’ll push my way in if you want me to.” Laugh lines creased the corners of his full lips.

“Thanks, that won’t be necessary,” I said, my eyes downcast. “Are all English men so chivalrous?”

He threw his head back and laughed. “I don’t know about that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some pushed in line for a drink.”

I snickered, feeling more at ease. “Brenda told me you’re a professor?”

“I am, but I’m currently on leave.”

“I see.” I didn’t want to be forward, but my curiosity got the better of me. “What subject do you teach?”

“English Literature and Poetry—18th Century Romanticism.”

“Hmm … ” I bit my lower lip. “Of course you would.”


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  3. I like their meeting in this excerpt.

    Eden wrote an excellent book

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