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Welcome to Christina Worrell my guest author this weekend and we have something different : Christina has brought along her poetry.

Hi Christina, 
Welcome to the blog tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Christina Worrell.  I'm a married, mother of two, stay at home mom, starting my career in writing. I've read books since I could hold one in my hands. When I was nine I decided I just had to write, my imagination and dreams would take all day to explain. I won awards in various areas such as the Service Merchandise Student Writer's Showcase in 1992. Then when I got to be a teen, I wrote poetry. It was mostly the emotional angst kind. You can find it on I started writing stories by hand when I was 19, and now at 30, I have finally published 8 since February 2012. It took me 10 years of writing by hand and not giving up just to accomplish this dream. So never give up or you may never know your limits! Shade's Loss is for sale now on Smashwords. I have eight out at the moment. I lead a few groups on helpful household hints such as herbalism and my spiritual nature. I claim Pagan as my religion, a mix of Wicca and Buddhism  and on the side I like to do tarot readings, all in fun. I'm a paranormal writer and am very open minded. I've also begun researching past lives or otherwise known as reincarnation. I'm the creator of Faellin Angels Realm where one can take a dark literary journey and meet new paranormal entities from werewolves, vampires, and faeries to shape shifters, gods, and goddesses. My eccentric theories and ideas have brought to life characters you'll find no where else. I open a portal where you can step through and get to know them personally.  Anytime you want to know more about me, you'll find me online at odd hours, on Facebook or my pages. I'm always reading, writing, creating something, or being a mom. Mom time comes over everything including my career.
Take a literary journey, into the dark and twisted mind of the author, Christina Worrell. More than a decade of poetry based on chaotic, haunting, and traumatic experiences that she has turned into dark and beautiful words for others. She has turned her shadowed tale into something all readers not only can enjoy, but can relate to and see that there are others out there in as much pain who learned to let go and move on. Where one person finds tragedy and heartache, she found a strength to pursue her passion and share it with others so they can know they are not alone...

Twisted delusions, nightmare illusions.
Siren's song of death, spoken with voluptuous breath.
Entice you with looks of come hither, make you a tasty dinner.
Follow me into a deep dark hole, Where I will swallow your soul.
I inhale you inside me, Bring you to life within me.
Deep within me you stir, erotic pleasures incur.
Seed is sown, runic bones of fate are thrown.
Your death is foreseen, Your soul serene.
Make you a child of mine, And then crush your spine.
Taste of blood, flesh and death, Putrid and rotting on my breath.
I am the siren of men, Welcome to my dark deadly den.

Take what Death's Hand hath given unto me, for I am immortal see.
 I taste of life's sweet elixir, for I am the dark trickster.
I dance between shadows like lightning, my fanged smile beyond frightening.
My kiss will deliver you from untimely death, as you take one last breath.
What I take from you, you in turn will steal from another anew.
The circle of life in any shape or form, as predictable as weather's storm.
-Christina Worrell

A flame to burning bridges.
Pain, pushing me over the edges.
Sight blinded by rage.
Another hopeless war waged.
Taketh this black hate.
Only Death's dark taste will sate.
Welcome the sinners into this hell.
From heavens gates I fell.
Wingless angel, barren of light.
Plucked free of inner fight.
Lay down my weapons.
Wait for the reapings.
Twisting in true denial.
Breeding malice, nasty and vile.
Final step into oblivion.
Time like distance lost to countless eons.
-Christina Worrell

Walk with me into the land of the dead,
Desolation and agony not too far ahead.
Shadows and darkness no matter where you stand,
Nothing here but forgotten memories, understand?
Chaos filled within, among all else,
Lies spilled, I must confess.
Right or wrong, ultimate desperation,
Doom, mayhem, and impending destruction.
Our future, our near tomorrow,
Bloodshed, misery, and sorrow.
What little of life is left,
Is but a temporary gift.
Open your blind eyes,
Shed the pretty lies.
For here everyone dies,
Nothing but silent cries.
Where is the hope of yesterday?
It's sad but true, what's left to say...
Turn your back on the truth,
All about is your proof.
Deny it if you will,
Bottom line, its the final deal.
Our world is quickly fading,
While we sit by degrading.
Mankind will perish,
If this life we do not cherish.
What's left is but ticking time,
But so many are deaf and blind.
-Christina Worrell

 Her mother is lost to her forever,
And she’ll never find her way back.
Her father’s dying from a disease,
In which he can’t see.
And all she ever wanted was the love,
Love she can only receive from God.
She’s running away,
She’s lost and far away.
His brother is dark, suicidal,
His sister will be found dead, it’s entitled.
His parents are in a world of their own,
He’s scared and all alone.
And all he ever wanted was the strength, the courage,
The courage to go on, courage from God, escape his cage.
To save his family, to save himself,
But there’s nothing left.
Her friends are all pregnant, wasted, dead and gone,
Her boyfriend won’t leave her alone.
Her parents are on her for grades,
Teachers for homework, high expectations in spades.
All she ever wanted was blessed peace,
Peace from it all, peace from God alone, make it cease.
He, who receives them all,
When they at their end, when they fall.
Someone who will cast no blame,
They don’t want to be alone in their pain.
No one listens, no one understands,
Their souls in shattered strands.
They are broken, feeling as if no one cares,
Lost, lonely, desperate with their fears.
Together we stand, together we feel
Together we will live, together we will deal.
Together we will die, together we will mourn.
Together we are reborn.
-Christina Worrell

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