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Wicked Romances Giveaway Hop

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Question: What could be more wicked than stealing your brother's girl? 

Answer: Creeping into her house at night and using a magic spell to keep her dreaming so that you can make love to her.


Justin falls in love with Stella, knowing he shouldn't, and that his brother is in love with her. Stella has fallen in love with the unattainable, or so she thinks. Nathan is desperatly in love with Stella. How will this all work out?


That night when Justin made love to her she put her hands in his hair as he kissed all the way around her breasts, and it felt soft and glossy. The feel of it brought Mercury to mind, and she tried to push the thoughts away by kissing along, and down Justin’s muscled stomach. She felt him shiver with pleasure, and she held him with one hand as she licked, and sucked. It was always something that drove Justin crazy and he whispered her name repeatedly until she lifted her head, and he lifted her onto him. He made sure she was very close to release before he laid her down, to move in long slow strokes, and he pulled her head to his in a kiss with the tip of their tongues against each other’s. It sent them both over the edge into waves of pleasure.
“I love you, I hope you know that”, Justin said softly as he cuddled Stella to him, and they lay there catching their breath.
Stella smiled and looked up at him. “I love you too”, she said.
For the first time since Mercury had been stolen Stella dreamed of him that night, and the dream was erotic. It was a complete re-run of the first time he had made love to her. Stella woke up when Justin began to kiss her. She had been stroking along his inner thigh, and then moaning slightly as she nuzzled his neck. Justin had woken up very aroused, and as he kissed her, he asked gently if she wanted him to make love to her. She clung to him kissing him urgently and took his hand placing it between her legs. Justin felt her need, and she thrust against his hand just the once before he moved over her and pushed gently into her.
When they woke up the next morning, Justin held her face in his hands, and told her he loved her so much he thought he might stay there with her for the day in bed, where he could feel her close, and make love to her until she moaned with pleasure as she had done in the night.


Stone Kisses

A different paranormal romance. A contemporary adult fairy tale with explicit love scenes Stone Kisses is suitable for adults only.
Stella is a young woman living alone, working at her graphic design business, and has not had a man in her life for a long time and feels very lonely.
It’s summer and she looks around her, sees only couples, and she ends up longing for love or at least kisses.
Some distance away, Apollo and Mercury live reasonably peacefully on the outskirts of town. These two gods are left over from ancient times. They have a game they like to play and Stella our heroine gets caught up in it.
Stella is an ordinary young woman working hard to pay her mortgage when she becomes entangled in the game.
She is in her garden and looks back at her house, she sees it needs painting but unable to afford this she decides to buy flowers for her garden to brighten it up.
In a garden center buying flowers, Stella meets Justin. He is beautiful, strong, and attracted to her. He decides to pursue her.
She also finds a garden statue she would like, a statue of Mercury the winged messenger.
Justin knows she wants the statue and he gifts it to her.
Let the game begin.

Normally USA $2.99 and  UK £2.99 you can win the Kindle version, gifted from Amazon.
All you have to do is enter via rafflecopter, leave a comment which ONLY states your email address that you use for Amazon and await the draw, as this is a raffle only. Results will be published on this blog and anywhere the Wicked Romance blog hop has been advertised by the author. Drop by when the hop ends to check who has won

There are three copies to be won.



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