Monday, December 24, 2012

Vampires don't really give a hoot about Christmas, because it's always Christmas for them, with their special senses, and powers.
Even knowing this I decided to ask Drew Ruthin what he was doing for Christmas this year.

Q. Hi Drew thank you for coming along to the blog today.
I have a question for you right away. Do you celebrate Christmas?

A. I haven't actually celebrated Christmas for many years. I think the last time I got a tree all decked out with lights and sparkles was nineteen sixty nine.
It's not really a special time for creatures like me. I have changed though and I might actually find Elise decorates a tree.

Q. Do you know any other vampires that celebrate Christmas?
A.Yes the ones in the cafe I own always put lights up and a holly wreath on the door. They exchange gifts too on Christmas eve. I never joined in.

Q. This could be an akward question, but do you have anything special for Christmas dinner?
A. (Laughing)  No just the usual.

Q. You say you have changed since meeting Elise. Will you give her a gift for Christmas?
A. Yes. I'm going to give her roses. She loves plants and flowers. I have already ordered one hundred blood red roses to be delivered to her on Christmas eve. (Smiles)

Q. Do you think she will give you a gift and what do you wish for?
A. As long as she loves me I can't wish for anything better. A kiss, a kiss on Christmas morning will be my best gift.

It's been interesting to talk with you Drew. I hope you get your Christmas wish.
 A. Thank you and happy holidays to all your readers. Thank you for inviting me today.

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