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Valentine's Day snippet 'Drew loves Elise' from Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy

A Valentine's day snippet

 From 'The Blood of Changes'
Drew is with Elise. He's more than four hundred years old and he's only ever loved her.

“I know it will be hard to believe, but you mean so much to me that I can’t face the aversion in your eyes when I return to you, and you know I’ve hunted. I feel loved and I want that. I want it never to end. I like it here with you. I wish I could stay forever and not go back to that big house, which feels strange and lonely.”

Elise stopped rinsing out the dishes she was going to put in the dishwasher before they left and looked at him. Her hands dripping water and the tap still running gently into the white sink, she swallowed down a wave of sadness. She put the glass into the dishwasher and faced him as he stood nearby leaning against the table watching her.

“Drew, I wish you could, but someone will see you eventually, and the gods only know what would happen then. It’s too risky Drew. I've begun to love you too much to lose that a third time. We may have to be content with visiting each other, a couple of weeks at a time.”

Then Elise saw something she had never in a million years expected to see.

Drew’s blue eyes, the mirror of her own blue, filled with tears.

“Couldn’t you explain about me to them, your people, and say I have changed, that dying changed me?”

Elise went to him and held him close.

“They would find it hard to believe Drew, you were such a killer, so untrustworthy, a truly evil vampire. They may not listen and may immediately do something horrible. I can’t risk that.”

Elise couldn’t yet even risk asking Tara hypothetically if Drew could be helped as Devon had been. She felt instinctively that he would be shunned and possibly hunted.

She reached her hand up to hold his face and she kissed him lovingly.

“Drew, I'll feel the way by asking some vague questions about things, without giving it away that you live. That’s the best way to go right now and really we have to be so careful. I’ve been expecting Seth to drop around any minute because he's been keeping an eye on me to check if I am over you. I wonder where he is in fact.”

Drew kissed her and frowned a little.

“Seth doesn’t mean anything to you does he?”

Elise laughed. “Other than being like a brother to me? No Drew. What did I tell you earlier? I never loved anyone after you twenty years ago, and I never expected to love again when I thought you had died a few weeks ago.”

“I know, I do, but I felt jealous, sorry” he kissed her, and held her tight.
Drew is visiting the blog today:
Q. You dropped by at Christmas Drew to tell us what you were giving Elise for a gift, so will you tell us what's happening for Valentine's day?
A. Roses, love and kisses. We're in hiding right now so I can't take her out to dinner, and anyway I want her to myself. Devon was round yesterday with Bliss and Ffion, and they stayed for dinner, so I just want a quiet time with Elise today.
I found a card for her, to go with some roses. They're pink because pink is for love isn't it?
I can't stay long and just wanted to drop by because it's Valentine's day week. So I hope everyone out there has a great week and some love along the way.
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  1. What an amazing Valentines Day Giveaway! This would be the only present I'm getting :( Hubby and I decided due to finances to not do anything. But, I will be watching Cinderella with my baby girl! <3

  2. Hi Tess,
    Thank you for sharing the information about the blog hop , love to you on the Valentine's weekend :-)

  3. Thanks for the competition. My valentines was spent taking care of my mom who means the world to me.Nadene

  4. Diana has left a new comment on your post "Valentine's Day snippet 'Drew loves Elise' from Vo...":

    Great post! I'm single so I didn't do anything on Valentine's day but I spent my time with my friends.
    Thank you for the giveaway!


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