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Welcome to guest author Candy Ann Little

Welcome to this weekend's guest author Candy Anne Little

Candy Ann Little grew up in a small town in Ohio. She moved to Michigan with her family seventeen years ago. She began writing in the aftermath of tragedy - her third child was stillborn. The nurse suggested keeping a journal to cope with the grief. Although she thought it a dumb idea at the time, she soon found a freedom and healing that writing brought.

Eventually that pain and sorrow turned into her first Inspirational romance. Candy Ann finds it therapeutic putting her thoughts into the words and action of her characters. She also finds that discipline is the biggest lesson learned in her writing life. Since then she has finished 3 novels and one novella.

When she isn't busy with her husband and two kids, you can find her subbing in the public school system, or helping with church activities. Her favorite things to do besides writing is reading, cooking and baking.

Unforgiving Ghosts

Trying to deal with grief, Megan Black leaves her small farm in Illinois and moves to the quaint city of Santa Barbara, California. As she struggles with the memories of her past, she soon learns that you can't run away from your problems. In fact, she’s just found more trouble! The tall and handsome, Steven Peterson is causing conflict in her heart. Can Megan find peace in God and faith to choose the right path? Or will chasing ghosts cause an unforgiving heart that only leads to destruction?
As the son of a billionaire, Steven Peterson is used to getting what he wants – usually without even trying. So he finds it intriguing when the new cook for his family does everything she can to avoid him. However, his intrigue quickly turns into love. But Megan is hesitant to fall for a playboy. Can he prove that he’s a changed man and earn her trust? Will his true character shine through the shallowness when their love is tested?  

After finishing their meal they lingered over coffee and dessert, neither one in a hurry to leave. It had been a wonderful dinner and she was finally starting to relax. When they got around to paying the bill and leaving Steven said, “We’re going to Goleta Beach.”
“Is the beach open this late?”
“Don't worry - they rarely enforce the time limits.”
“You better not get me into trouble.” She wagged her finger at him.
They walked along the sandy beach in the dark. The full moon gave enough light to watch the white caps of the waves crash onto the beach.
“Look at all those stars.” She pointed upward. “They seem bigger and brighter when reflecting off the ocean.”
“I’ve been to all the beaches around here and for some unexplained reason the night sky is magnified best at this beach.”
“This must be a special spot in the world.” She snuggled into the crook of his arm.
“My sentiments exactly.” He’d never felt closer to anyone than he felt to her right now.
Megan pointed to a cluster of stars. “See that open cluster of stars? That’s Hydes and Pleiades. And over there is Cassiopeia.”
“Who is that?”
“You’ve never heard of Cassiopeia, the Queen?”
“What about Orion?”
“Of course I know the mighty hunter.” Steven pointed to the three stars in a row. “That’s his belt, but I’ve never figured out the rest of him.”
“See those stars? They make up his bow.” Megan pointed out the shapes. There are his legs and his body.
“How do you know so much about constellations?”
“I took an astronomy class in college.”
“I didn’t realize you went to college.”
“Only for two years. I had to drop out.”
“Didn’t you like it?”
“Oh, no. I loved it. But my scholarship ran out and I couldn’t afford to continue. I always wanted to go back but things happened and it never worked out.” She tried bolstering the courage again to tell him about her past, but once she looked into his dark eyes she lost the words. Their eyes met, holding the gaze for a long timeless moment, each searching deep into the other’s soul. Finding something they could hold on to for the rest of their lives.
Unable to resist any longer Steven lowered his head, brushing her lips ever so slightly. The mere touch sparked passions, triggering her knees to go weak. She’d have fallen down had it not been for Steven’s strong arms supporting her. He always seemed to be there giving her assistance not only physically but emotionally. She’d leaned on him so many times during the past six weeks. He was her strength, her rock, and her future.  
Leaning closer he kissed her more passionately. Her arms went around his neck as they melted together. Suddenly, feeling a jolt of coldness they broke apart. Staring down at the tide as it washed over their feet. They both laughed.
“This water is fre…freezing,” Megan stammered.
“Let's get going before we catch our deaths.” He needed more than wet feet to squash the jolt of desire surging through his body. He couldn't wait to kiss her without something interrupting them.
He took her in his arms at the front door. “I need to change out of these wet pants. Will you wait for me? We can have a night cap.”
“Sure.” She didn’t want this night to end either.  “I'll be in the living room,” Megan suggested as they entered the foyer.
“Good, and if my parents don't have a fire going already, I'll start one.” He smiled as an image of them sprawled out in front of the fire, talking through the night, entered his head.
“Well, isn't this cozy?” A deep, gruff voice startled them.
Megan spun around, her eyes filling with horror and disbelief as the familiar voice rang through the air smacking her in the face. “John!” 

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