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Welcome to Olivia Owens and her series Soulless: read her interview today and feast on her longer excerpt tomorrow

The freelance writer, Olivia Owens wears many hats with her two degrees and a full time mother gig. Sometimes, she is even brave and wears an actual hat but not often. Sarcastic and witty, she isn’t afraid to make others laugh, even at her fake British accent. Her competitive nature drives her to make every book her best but she still realizes that nobody is perfect… that’s why there is spell check. Ohio has always been her home but she knows that she does not have to go far to see the world. She just opens a book.

Welcome Olivia thank you for visiting the blog today
Tell us a little about yourself
I am a fantasy fiction writer, who has been sharing my life with fictional families since 2006. At first, I wrote purely for my own enjoyment but luckily, when I decided to share my stories, I was able to find a publisher fairly quickly. I wear many hats with my two degrees and a full time mother gig. Sometimes, I’m even brave and wear an actual hat but not often. Sarcastic and witty, I’m always trying to make others laugh, even at my fake British accent which sounds pretty convincing, if I say so myself.

What book/s have you brought along to tell us about today?
Windows of the Soulless

Neither purely good nor darkly evil, Nicolas Rider struggles to find a balance between the human he was and the vampire he is now.  But somewhere in the midst of the constant sarcastic bickering with a rival vampire, protecting his best friend, and fighting off werewolves along with the more dangerous nomadic vampires, he manages to fall for the only vampire he is not meant to be with. Young and na├»ve, she is off limits yet something draws him to her, compelling him to hold her as his lips yearn to touch hers. And despite knowing the dangers that getting too close to her would surely bring to the family, he finds himself ignoring the risks and savoring how good making the wrong choices can feel.

It is the first volume in The Soulless Series and has had great reviews.

Are you working on another book right now?
Yes, I am working on getting the second novel in this series, Without Shadows, in print by April and have started writing the third volume.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
The freedom. I get to do anything, say anything, and be anywhere I want to and I don’t even need a passport.

What do you like the least?
Definitely the editing.

Would you like to see any of your books as movies?
I would love to see my books on the big screen. I think they would be something that girls would drag their boyfriends in to watch and then the guys would end up offering to take her back to see it again.

If so can you name any actors you would like to see as the lead characters in your book.
I can see my characters so clearly in my mind that it’s hard to pick someone who could fit into my mold so perfectly but don’t worry, if someone offered to produce it, I’m sure I could choose.

What things do you like to do to relax?
Obviously, I write to relax but I also enjoy running. I actually plan on being ready to run a full marathon by October so wish me luck.

Do you have another job as well as writing?
I do. I am also a Radiologic Technologist which just means I take x-rays.

If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?
Telekinesis. Who needs super strength when you move things with your mind?

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
Colorado. I currently live in Ohio and I feel like if I’m going to have snow, I should have a view too.

What kind of car would you have if money was no object?
Shelby Daytona coupe (but not a kit) or a Porsche 911 Carrera, whichever, I’m not picky.

What’s your favorite food?
Pizza, it’s a weakness.

Favorite color?

Can you think of a song or piece of music that could be your theme tune?
It changes with every chapter and every experience the characters go through, as does the theme song to real life.

Just answer these questions as quickly as possible.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate. Hello, I am female.

Dog or cat? Cat

The film or the book? Book

Heels or flats? Flats, preferably Chuck Taylors

Jeans or dress? Jeans, but if I have it my way, it’s Yoga pants

Beach or Snow resort? Beach for vacation with the kids, but snow resort for a writing retreat alone

Flowers or chocolate? Again, female - Chocolate

Bath or shower? Shower, preferably a hot one which is like a regular shower but with me in it

What do you love best about yourself?
My sense of humor and the way it always keeps me smiling.

What do you like least?
I tend to be very particular with my writing and it slows me down considerably.

Do you have anything to share with other authors that might be a help?

Don't fret over how many words you can write in a day. Worry about how many people you can entertain with the words you did write. 

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?
Just thank you so much for stepping inside my world and for trusting me to show you something like you’ve never seen it before.

Can you share one of your favorite parts of one of the books?
With the slip pulled up around her waist, she slides onto my lap, her legs straddled across me. “What are you wanting from me?” she asks, unbuttoning my shirt.
        “You’ll see,” I whisper.
        I pull her face to mine and crush my lips against hers. As she pulls my shirt out of my pants, I can hear her heartbeat quicken. My own heart pounds in response, making it difficult to stay focused. I slide my hands down her body, feeling her warm skin through the thin slip. She rubs her hand up across my chest as she kisses along my jaw line toward my ear. My body shivers with desire. I grab her butt and pull her closer until there is no space between us. She entwines her fingers in my hair and pulls my head back. Her tongue traces its way up my throat toward my chin, and my fingers press into her hips as I fight to keep my eyes a soft green. I let out a heavy breath and glide my hands up to her back. Keeping her pressed against me, I kiss down her neck, feeling her arch her body into mine.
        With my eyes still green and my fingernails short, I let my fangs grow out. I bite into the base of her neck. Her body tenses and tightens against me. I can hear her raspy muted attempts at a scream. I feel the way she tries to push away from me, afraid and alone, thinking death is coming for her.
        I drink, allowing her blood to quench my burning throat, marking her as my own. Her life, her will, her soul belong to me now. I can feel her resistance fading. Her attempts to scream cease, leaving behind only jagged breaths. She grows calm in my arms. I drink just a little longer until my belly is satisfied, and she begins to slump against me.

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