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Welcome to this week's guest author Lia Fairchild

Hi Lia, tell us a little about yourself.

I've been creating stories my whole life, but only for me, in my own head. Then one day I sat down and started to write a book. I completed my first novel, In Search of Lucy, in February of 2011. Seven months later, AmazonEncore contacted me about representing my book. It's currently in the top 10 for Kindle Drama.

My second full-length novel, Vigil Annie, was released on Amazon in December of 2012. One reviewer called this thriller "suspenseful, well-crafted, and fast paced."

I recently completed my first romantic comedy, The Tech Guy, now available on Amazon.

My other works include a mystery series (A Hint of Murder) and a short, sweet romance (Special Delivery).

I was born and raised in Southern California and hold a bachelor's degree in journalism and a multiple subject teaching credential. I'm a wife and mother of two teenagers.

Look for updates on me and my books at or follow me on Twitter at or Facebook

Lia has brought along her book The Tech Guy

Read an excerpt

The clock read three forty-eight when I awoke to pounding on my door. It took only a few seconds for the panic to jolt me awake. Knocking in the middle of the night could never be good. I whipped off the covers and stumbled out of bed. The curtains in Vegas hotel rooms were so freaking thick it was like the inside of a black hole. I felt my way over to the wall adjacent to the front door and flipped on the light. Then I checked the peep hole to see who was there. Guy stood on the other side swiping his head from side to side. I opened the door.

“Guy, what’s wrong?”

“Can I come in?”


As he passed, he gave my body the once over, reminding me I hadn’t bothered to cover up. I was wearing baby blue, cotton short shorts and a matching tank. I trailed him to the seating area, noticing a slight sway in step. He collapsed on the couch and pulled out his phone.

“Have you heard from Adam?” he asked, holding his phone up.

“No, why?”

“I’ve left him three messages, and he hasn’t come back to the room yet.”

I joined him on the couch, sat down, and proceeded to inhale the smell of a brewery and stale cigarette smoke. He’d definitely been at the casino.

“I’m sure he’s fine, Guy. Adam’s a big boy.”

He leaned back, hands on his thighs spread wide. His eyes turned to the ceiling and then closed. He was not falling asleep on my couch!

“Guy.” I nudged his knee and his eyes popped open. “Have a few drinks after I left?”

“Yeah, but I’m good.” He sat up straight, ran his fingers through his hair. “I played some blackjack for a few hours. Free drinks, you know.” He showed a boyishly sweet grin and then his chin fell, leaving his eyes pointed at my chest.

“Okay. Well, why don’t you head back to your room?” I said to the top of his head.

“What about Adam?” he said to my boobs.

I reached out and lifted his chin, raised it up so he’d meet my gaze. “Listen, Adam is just Adam. He could pull an all-nighter and then rock an eight a.m. meeting. Don’t worry about it.”

He took hold of my wrist. “All right, Emma. But before I go, I wanna ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why did you do that tonight and then bolt out of there so fast?”

I wanted to know the answer to that myself. I also wondered why he was still holding my wrist.

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t like the look on her face. I know women like that.”


“Sure, why not?”

He took a deep breath and refocused on my face. “You know, since I started at the magazine, I got the feeling you didn’t like me very much.”

I didn’t know what to say. I shook my head no, wondering where he was going.

“But I’m starting to wonder if that’s just you,” he continued.

I pulled my wrist from his grip. “What’s that supposed to mean? That I’m a bitch?”

He laughed. Then he narrowed his eyes at me like he was about to explain a simple concept to a small child. “Emma, you’re a very strong businesswoman. Very driven. But that’s not why you keep people at arms’ length.”

So, he’s suddenly sobering up and playing the shrink? Everyone didn’t have to be a people person like him. That didn’t mean there was something wrong with them. Besides, what did he know? I’ve been working hard to be close to Jayne.

“Who says I’m at arm’s length from anyone?”

“You don’t want to get close to people, and I’m not sure why. But you showed me tonight that you’re a very caring person.”

I looked away and let out a sigh. Why was he doing this to me? He knew how uncomfortable I was with compliments. If that’s what it was. I tried to think of something to say in my defense, but in defense of what?

Guy touched my cheek, turned my face to him. “And as much as you may not want to hear it, I like that about you.”

I felt flustered as his blue eyes with the gold flecks peered into mine and once again hypnotized me. Were they getting closer? I felt my heartbeat quicken, my skin warmed though goose bumps presented themselves. Then, as if time somehow skipped ahead a few seconds, Guy’s face was now an inch from mine. I felt his breath on my lips. I could think of nothing but his eyes and then his mouth as it brushed against mine. My stomach dropped forty floors at the feather-light touch of his lips. 
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