Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hump Day Hook comes to you this week from the gorgeous romantic, contemporary fantasy Stone Kisses

I'm sharing from my contemporary fantasy romance Stone Kisses today. Recently reviewed on Reader's Favorite it's always loved when read.

When I share from Stone Kisses, I usually share a romantic excerpt, but today I want to let readers of this post know how much more there is to this story than just the romance.

Here we have the 'statue', Mercury waiting to be rescued by his human brother Apollo AKA Justin.

Almost a week had gone by and Mercury was aware that his stone mantle was completely hardened. Not a tendril of his lovely hair tangled in the breeze, not a sliver of his drapery moved when a fox brushed against him in the night. His heart was heavy, and he had begun to believe that Justin did not intend even to re-sell him in order to go on with some semblance of the game. He was abandoned. Stella had let him down; no Justin had let him down. He knew the teardrop was still there on his cheek, and if he could, he would have cried some more.
It was very dark as there was no moon to be seen and the air was satin with unshed rain. Mercury heard them before he saw them. Two people, a man, and a woman. They had a torch and a wheelbarrow, which kept catching on the bushes that edged the path leading to this side of the building. When the path widened out to the square of concrete and the little access road, which meant the truck for the skip collection could get in, he heard the trundling sound of the wheelbarrow. Mercury thought they had two wheelbarrows when he could hear the sounds properly.
The people stopped and the woman held the torch whilst the man climbed into the skip.
Mercury listened to them.
“Frieda point it a bit further over here I can’t see what this is.” The man’s voice came.
“Okay Gabe, but it’s not the strongest beam. I told you we should have got the other one too. What have you got there?” The woman answered.
“Rabbits, three of them and not too damaged either. Here take them. I’ll pass them one at once and there’s a gnome here too, just the top of his hat is missing. Two small frogs with chunks out of the back. Hey, a nice set of blue stone pots, oh wait a minute they are all cracked down one side, but no matter we can salvage them. Get a move on Frieda,” the man admonished, and Mercury if he could have, would have laughed. They were stealing the broken stuff.
He listened as they loaded their wheelbarrows and thought 'what does it matter?' It was only going to be broken up for road fill anyway. If they want it who cares?
They trundled off with their wheelbarrows, but Gabe came back about five minutes later and looked around the other side of the skip.
Mercury heard the woman approach too.
“Gabe what are you up to? Come on don’t stay too long, and don’t stray in too far or the alarms will go.”
Mercury agreed with her and then Gabe was in front of him.
“Frieda check this out. They’ve tossed out a bloody great statue,” the man said peering at Mercury’s face.
Frieda appeared and lit the place up with her torch. The two were older than Mercury had expected, maybe mid-fifties. They both had graying hair and were dressed almost identically in dark blue trousers and padded jackets. The woman had a kind face and she looked hard at Mercury.
“He’s a handsome specimen and no mistake. I can’t see anything wrong with him, Gabe. Do you reckon you could lift him? Let’s take him, we could definitely sell him on.”
Gabe chuckled. “I’ll never lift him Frieda. Go and get the sack trolley we’ll manage him that way.”
Frieda left with the torch, but Mercury had heard the words ‘sell him on’, and was feeling decidedly uplifted by these events.
He heard the sack trolley wheeled along and then a curse as Frieda must have hurt herself somehow.
“What’s going on old girl?” Gabe asked in a concerned voice.
“Nothing Gabe, just gave my ankle a knock, here we are.” She appeared in the glow of the torch, which she held precariously as she also held the handles of the sack trolley.
It took the both of them some time to get Mercury on the trolley and then back along the path. They were parked a distance down the road too in an old model pick-up truck. Mercury didn’t think they would get him in the back, but they eventually did and tossed the sack trolley in there too. It was a bumpy ride to wherever he was going and Mercury was glad when he got there.
They parked their little pick-up truck in front of a house, which was also on the site of some kind of business. Mercury could not make out what. The street lamps lit a fence that had rolled barbed wire along it and a metal mesh gate with a giant padlock on a chain holding the two sides together. The whole lot was a dirty shade of rust and gave a run-down air to the place. The people disappeared into the house, and as they closed the door, they turned off the porch light, and Mercury realized he was in the back of the dusty, pale-blue, pick-up truck for the rest of the night.
Stone Kisses is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK

If you would like to read more from this book, it will be featured in the Mythology Blog Hop starting on this blog June 1 when I will be giving away a kindle copy plus an Amazon gift card for £10 or $10 for international readers. Hope you stop by.


  1. Nice excerpt. This is shaping into a very interesting story.

  2. Poor guy...bundled up and sold with the garden gnomes.

  3. Not usually my kind of read, but this one is intreging...

  4. Not usually my kind of read, but this sounds intreging...

  5. Well, that just about broke my heart. I swear when that stone tear was mentioned, my heart hurt.



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