Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop

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 From the paranormal romance Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes

He was on the side road, which would lead to the entrance of the highway when he saw her, the young woman. To his amazement, she was standing there holding out her hand at passing cars, trying to catch a lift. Drew slowed to a stop by the side of her. He let down his electric window slightly and said, “Going east.” He had not made it a question, and without answering the girl got in, and Drew took off.

They were on the highway when she took out a packet of cigarettes.

“Do you mind if I smoke?” she asked.

Drew glanced at her.

“I do, so don’t,” he said, and then looked back at the road.

He could smell her nervousness and hear her heart beating fast. He wondered if she recognized him as someone she had stolen from now she was in the car. He put his foot down and glared ahead out of the windscreen. Something about her was pathetic he should just end her misery he thought. Suddenly he pulled off the highway onto a circular exit. He drove a little way down a rural road and then stopped in an opening clearly meant for farm vehicles to enter the nearby wheat fields.

The young woman tried the car door handle. Drew had them electronically locked and he turned to her. He watched as she dug in her shoulder bag and brought out his roll of money.

“Sorry I just get desperate sometimes, have it back, and let me out,” she thrust the roll of notes towards him.

He was going to drain her, and toss her in the trunk of his car for the foundry later that night after he had looked at the house the witch lived in. He reached for her not the money offered to him. He grasped her by the side of her head and neck, and then Drew saw the strange mix of fear and hope in her eyes. He could still hear her heartbeat pounding in his ears. He let go of her.

“You should be careful. I could be anybody,” he told her, and he took the roll of notes. The girl sniffed. Drew peeled off two fifty notes and then gave the roll back to her. “Take it. I don’t need it all. You obviously do.”

She grabbed the money and pushed it deep into her bag again.

Drew flicked the switch on his driver side consul and her door unlocked. She was getting out of the car and rain came in to wet the seat before she could close the door. Drew called “Wait.” He leaned over and picked up the box of candy. “Have this you look hungry” he said, and pushed the box at her.

The young woman took it and smiled grimly. “So do you, but thanks” and she closed the door. Drew watched her in the rear view mirror as she hiked back up to the circular exits, the big round box of candy tucked under her arm, and then he started the car and drove off.

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