Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Sexy Saturday , meet Balthazar the ancient warrior mage

My Sexy Saturday and seven sentences from 
The Blood of Changes
Meet Balthazar who has hoped for love over hundreds of years.

She was in the little walled garden at the back with Balthazar, his arms around her pressing her gently, but close to his body. They had decided to get a little fresh air both knowing what it really meant, both knowing they were longing to touch each other more, and kiss each other.
They had only walked a few steps into the garden where the smell of honeysuckle was strong, and sultry, when Balthazar had crushed her to him. He had looked for a second into her eyes to make sure she was feeling the same as he was, and then he had emptied his mind of all thought, and kissed her. 
He moved a hand up from her waist to hold her face to his and kissed her over and over, until she opened her lips and they slowly, tentatively touched their tongues together. 
This slow caress was so erotic that it took their breath away, and they rested their foreheads together just for a few seconds before their lips met again, in what could only be described as the sexiest kiss Angharad had ever felt.

Balthazar felt like taking her home and making love to her for a week, but he couldn’t risk losing her, and although he was certain without reading her mind again that she wanted him too, he was acutely aware that they had only just met.

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  1. Nice excerpt, Tessa. Thanks for being a part of My Sexy Saturday.



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