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Welcome to the Love of Mythology Blog Hop

Welcome to the blog hop, enjoy the hop, which is all about Mythology. 
I've chosen a post from my contemporary, fantasy romance Stone Kisses.
With two gorgeous leading men who are gods left over from ancient times this story also has Greek, Roman and Etruscan dieties hidden within the names and personalities of other characters. Essentially a romance it does have a little graphic love scene action and I have chosen a romantic expert today along with an excerpt about the gods, Mercury and Apollo.

Excerpt one:
That night Stella dreamed about Mercury only his name was not Mercury his name was something else, something soft and sexy when he told it to her as he held her in his arms, and they kissed each other in the moonlight.

Outside the moon was shining on Mercury, and the cat was back to sit at his feet and stare as Mercury slowly moved his head to look up at Stella’s bedroom window.

He could feel her kiss on his lips and he felt the slightest pain where his stone heart was. She loved him. Justin had said so, and Justin always knew, just as Mercury did when it was his turn to be human.

Stella tossed and turned until with a start she woke up and lay staring at the sky about to lighten with the dawn. She jumped from her bed, and ran to look out at Mercury who stood there by the fishpond. With her heart thumping Stella threw on her jeans, a sweater, and shoes, and then ran quietly downstairs and out to the garden.

She approached Mercury as if he was her sanctuary. On reaching the statue, she put her hands up to hold his face and kissed his cool lips. When she left her lips against his, Mercury thought his heart might melt, literally, and yet he remained stone. His head inclined to hers as a slight wind ruffled her hair against his face, and he felt a tendril of his own hair tangle with hers. The moment was so special Mercury was able to put the merest pressure on her mouth with his lips, but Stella felt it and her eyes flew open.

She looked at his eyes. Was the kindness back in them? Had she felt the kiss? She didn’t know what to think and then she thought she must be losing her mind. All the same she placed a hand on Mercury’s chest where his heart would be, and she whispered, “Are you falling in love with me Mercury?”
Excerpt two:
He couldn’t continue the game because he couldn’t let Justin have Stella at the end of this game, he just couldn’t. Not even for one night, which it usually only was these days. Things were different this time for sure. He really loved Stella and he was sure even Justin knew it. That was why he said it was tricky of course, because somehow the game would have to change.

Which is exactly what Justin was saying to his father.

“Jove I wouldn’t ask except I really think Mercury has something radical in mind.”

“Like what?” Jove asked absent mindedly as he finished twisting a bit of plastic pipe and turned to the tap to test his handiwork.

“Well revealing himself is my guess. Are you listening?” he added as Jove watched the water spray, and walked off down the aisle to check the plants all got a fair share.

Jove turned. “Yes Justin and if you really think that then you must stop him. Take a look in the computer files under Christmas card list, you’ll find Aphrodite there. I warn you however the last time I spoke with her she was about to go into retreat for a while.”

Justin sighed. “How long ago was that though dad?” he asked.

Jove shrugged thinking about it. “About five years ago.”

“Five years ago,” Justine echoed. “Well surely she will be out of it by now, and back running around town with a new lover.”

“Mmm I don’t know Justin,” Jove said turning off the tap and checking the join again in the irrigation pipe he had just fixed. “Her retreats usually last a fair while.”

“Dad five years?” Justin looked perplexed.

“I’ve known her go for longer son,” he answered, and wandered off with another length of pipe.

Justin walked down to the office emitting a series of sighs and sat down at the computer. He looked up the file called Christmas card list and scrolled down for Aphrodite. The list was not alphabetical, but in chronological order, and so she was down a fair way. Justin put the number in his cell phone, and went out to his car to sit in there, and make the call.

There was no answer and Justin left a message to call him urgently on her voicemail. He raised his eyebrows to himself thinking he had better try to head Mercury off from whatever his plan might be and he called Stella.

You can find Stone Kisses  on Amazon US and Amazon UK
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