Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Sexy Saturday hop

Week #9 ~ My Sexy Saturday ~ 
 Everyone has their own idea of sexy. Being sexy and hot doesn’t require us to take off all our clothes...or maybe it does.
One of the most sexy things is the sound of a lover’s voice be it deep and sexy or soft and delicate. Words can be such a turn on when that special someone brushes their fingertips along your cheek.
Sexy can be hot sex in the most unlikely of places or it can be that slow sensual wedding night as each of you learn just what your lover likes for the very first time. Sexy can be that slow smile you give me across the room just to remind me I’m yours.
It all depends upon your perspective.
Come join us each Saturday as we bring you, the reader, the best in sexy writing.
7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words.

Today we join the character Mercury from 'Stone Kisses' and his longing for the woman he's fallen in love with.
He pushed her bedroom door open carefully and looked at her sleeping. His green eyes filled with tears. She had a T-shirt on, and some little cotton shorts that came to her hips, and left her thighs, and legs bare. He glided to her bed and sat beside her. The way she looked was touchingly peaceful, and he stroked her hair away from her face as he bent to kiss her cheeks, then nose, her eyelids, and then her lips. Stella stirred and moved towards his lips. In her dream she was with Mercury. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to the Hot Paranormal Nights blog hop

Welcome to the Hot Paranormal Nights blog hop

I love paranormal romance. I've read every single one of Christine Feehan's books and I guess many people visiting or blogging in this hop have too, or at least have read one of her books.
She has some news about her new Dark series over on her website.
Very exciting for a fan like me.

Why do I love paranormal romance so much? Sometimes it's the romance hot, or sweet in the book. Sometimes I will fall in love with a character, Dayan from the Dark Troubadors in Dark Melody comes to mind. I think he's my favorite of all the Dark Carpathians.
One of the biggest reasons I love paranormal romance is the lack of boundaries. There are no societal parameters. There are no constraints. The characters are and can be anything. They do anything. Not only is it fun to read it's great to write paranormal romance. You are free to let the story and characters go anywhere.

Today I'm sharing a little from my vampire romance, 'Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy: Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes.'


The pub he was going into was an old tavern type in a building that was clearly to Drew, at his age, original. The beams showing on the exterior of the building were bowed and the roof was thatched. The windows, although there were quite a few of them, were small. Drew enjoyed this antiquity as he went into the little porch and then the main pub. The art gallery seemed to share this porch entrance, but the closed sign was evident on the door to it.

Drew breathed in the scent of human blood, lust, a little love, hunger, pain. He stood for a moment at the back of the small crowd of people just getting his bearing on who might become his prey.

A young man caught his eye, and looked back at him with blatant hunger. Drew knew it was sexual hunger. He realized he must have seen it before and used it to acquire a feed. Tonight he wanted sex and he let his gaze fall away from the young man in an almost kindly way. He had lost his memory, but he knew he liked girls, and he would not use that young man for a feed tonight.

Drew turned on his charm and it was like a beacon, so that within a very short time he had a girl in his arms in the darkest part of the back garden of the pub.

Reached through the back bar, and with only the first few outside tables lit, Drew felt safe to strip the girl there in the grass amongst the geraniums. He kissed her lips until he knew she was under his spell, and then he removed her clothes, licking and kissing her everywhere he touched, until she was naked in the grass. She was moving against him and he knew she wanted him. He smiled as he kissed her lips again and moved his hand to part her thighs, softly, dangerously he whispered to her. She didn’t know what he was saying, but his whisper teased the sensitive parts of her ear, her throat, and then as he moved his fingers gently into her, she wriggled to find his lips, and be kissed at the same time.

Drew took his time and thought about what he was feeling as he made love to this girl. She liked what he did and he wanted more after the first time, and so he held her carefully, softly kissing her until he simply took her again, and at the same time sank his fangs deep draining her life in a second the moment he was sexually satisfied. He left her body there for a moment clothing himself quickly, and quietly before he silently, and at top speed picked her up, leapt the bottom fence, and found he was in a private garden.

There were two sheds side by side, and lots of corrugated iron panels stashed against the back of one of them. Drew stuffed the girl’s body under them and then for good measure picked up some lengths of old rotting wood and tossed them on there too.
He's a bad boy until something happens to him and then... 

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop 
From Stone Kisses,
Seven sexy sentences
He undressed and lay beside her. He touched her face gently and moved to kiss her lips softly.
Stella felt him in her dream and knew it was Mercury.

He traced his fingers over her skin, and kissed where he touched until Stella moved against him and murmured his name.,“Mercury.” 
 He was so happy to her say it, and began to make love to her more urgently...his fingers inside her... his lips against hers...his hard length pressing against the side of her body. He pushed against her and whispered that he loved her. Stella began to kiss his chest and then down his stomach. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tara Fox Hall: Taken for His Own

 Taken for His Own (Promise Me Series #4) – Vampire romance
 After learning Theo is alive, Sar immediately embarks on a mission to find him. Reunited, the lovers return to New York; Danial, Terian and Theo uneasily combining forces to protect Sar from Al’s assassins still seeking her. But when Sar is taken prisoner in an all-out attack, only one man can save her: her old adversary, Devlin.

“What about what you did to me?” I whispered, gazing at him and biting my lip. 
“That wasn’t a whim,” Devlin said, dropping his eyes. “That was my bad judgment. Sadly, it wasn’t the worst mistake I’ve made in my life.” 
“What was?” 
Devlin didn’t answer. I reached out and took his cool hand in mine. 
“When you lead others you must do whatever you have to in order to save your people,” he said with a sigh. “Compromising values should matter less than saving lives.” 
“I agree with you,” I said. “If you rule others, you have a responsibility to them above the responsibility to yourself. But even then, I think your family should come first.” 
“They should,” Devlin said in a cracked voice. He swallowed hard. “But the past can’t be undone.” 
I squeezed his hand. “What happened to Danial wasn’t your fault.” 
“Yes, it was,” he said softly. 
“How is it your fault?” I said curiously, easing closer to him. 
“Because I should have known what the thing was when it attacked. I didn’t know anything back then, except strategy and tactics. I was too concerned about rising through the ranks as fast as possible, so I could leave my family behind and become someone important.” 
“What did you want to be?” 
“A commander of men, either soldiers or police.” 
I was surprised that Devlin would want to uphold the law or spend his life guarding others. Yet it made sense. When he’d taken me from my house years ago, he’d insisted on taking me to Danial, because I wore the choker. He was here putting himself in danger now to keep me safe. 
“I knew something had attacked a few people on that road in that last month,” he continued. “I knew that there was a chance we might be attacked transporting the prisoner. But the road was the quickest way to our destination. I’d been assured that if I made the journey in good time, I’d get the promotion I wanted, and Danial would get my old position.” 
“You aren’t at fault for what you did. It wasn’t for an evil reason.” 
“Yes, I am,” he said despondently. “It was my greed and pride that doomed us.” 
Carefully, I reached for Devlin and put my arms around him. He tensed at my touch, then relaxed. 
“You did the best you could. You aren’t damned.” 
“Yes, I am. You have no idea what I’ve done.” 
I shifted uneasily. 
“And I wouldn’t want you to,” Devlin added, his arms snaking around me loosely. “My ends have always justified the means, no matter what they were. I’ve done great evil in the hope of averting worse evil. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. Still, it’s likely that given the chance to do my life over, I’d do the same things, make the same choices. I’d find myself here, at this same point in time, a fallen king.” 
“In case you’re wondering,” I said deliberately. “I’m waiting for you to add into your speech somewhere that you regret everything you did to me while you were king…um, ruler.” 
“I regret hurting you,” Devlin said quickly. “Yet I don’t regret coming for you that night or taking you to Danial.” He looked up at me. “You might not have gone back to Danial after Theo went missing, if I hadn’t. Theoron might not be here. I can’t regret any action of mine that led to him being born.” 
I didn’t reply, considering his words. 
Devlin laid his head against my chest, and his arms tightened on me slightly. We lay there like that for a few moments, not speaking, then I slipped into sleep. 
I woke sometime later when Devlin stirred. According to the bedside clock, it was almost dusk. 
“I have only one regret,” Devlin said finally, propping himself up on his elbow, his expression intent. 
“What’s that?” I said, covering my yawn with my hand. 
“That it wasn’t me you found in your quarry that night,” Devlin said, kissing the back of my hand with cool lips. His golden eyes locked on mine, transfixing me, as he drew my hand away from my face. 
He was going to kiss me. My lips parted as my breath caught in my throat.