Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog hop

My Sexy Saturday 

from 'Stone Kisses'
Seven Sexy Sentences 

 She floundered around disarmed by the look on Nathan’s face, and as she stared at him, she recognized him.

“Mercury?” she whispered, and saw the flare of love in his green eyes.

Nathan shook his head slowly, a little smile coming to his lovely lips.

“Nathan, Justin’s brother,” he told her softly and he offered her his hand.

Stella looked at the hand extended towards her in what was really a formal greeting and then she put her hand out to shake his. She felt his hand clasp hers, but instead of the handshake she expected, Nathan brought her hand to his lips as he bent and then kissed her knuckles.

Stella gasped because his touch was so familiar, and she looked straight into his green eyes and saw desire.

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  1. Wonderful excerpt. Thanks for sharing, Tess. And thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday. Hope to see you next week.



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