Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop 
From Stone Kisses,
Seven sexy sentences
He undressed and lay beside her. He touched her face gently and moved to kiss her lips softly.
Stella felt him in her dream and knew it was Mercury.

He traced his fingers over her skin, and kissed where he touched until Stella moved against him and murmured his name.,“Mercury.” 
 He was so happy to her say it, and began to make love to her more urgently...his fingers inside her... his lips against hers...his hard length pressing against the side of her body. He pushed against her and whispered that he loved her. Stella began to kiss his chest and then down his stomach. 

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  1. Very hot snippet, Tessa!

    Thanks for sharing and being a part of My Sexy Saturday.

    See you next week.


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