Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Sexy Saturday hop

Week #9 ~ My Sexy Saturday ~ 
 Everyone has their own idea of sexy. Being sexy and hot doesn’t require us to take off all our clothes...or maybe it does.
One of the most sexy things is the sound of a lover’s voice be it deep and sexy or soft and delicate. Words can be such a turn on when that special someone brushes their fingertips along your cheek.
Sexy can be hot sex in the most unlikely of places or it can be that slow sensual wedding night as each of you learn just what your lover likes for the very first time. Sexy can be that slow smile you give me across the room just to remind me I’m yours.
It all depends upon your perspective.
Come join us each Saturday as we bring you, the reader, the best in sexy writing.
7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words.

Today we join the character Mercury from 'Stone Kisses' and his longing for the woman he's fallen in love with.
He pushed her bedroom door open carefully and looked at her sleeping. His green eyes filled with tears. She had a T-shirt on, and some little cotton shorts that came to her hips, and left her thighs, and legs bare. He glided to her bed and sat beside her. The way she looked was touchingly peaceful, and he stroked her hair away from her face as he bent to kiss her cheeks, then nose, her eyelids, and then her lips. Stella stirred and moved towards his lips. In her dream she was with Mercury. 

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