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A big Welcome back to author Kate Wyland with her novel Wyoming Escape

Kate talks about the inspiration behind, this book.
WYOMING ESCAPE  came about as a response to a delightful time my husband and I had at a Wyoming dude ranch. When we came home, I kept thinking about the place and decided it would be fun to set a story there. Mikela, my heroine, is a dyed-in-the-wool city girl who takes refuge at a dude ranch, figuring it would be a good place to hide. My fictional ranch is loosely based on the real one, but the characters in my story are my own. I did, however, steal the name Mikela from someone I met there. And the attitudes reflect the wonderful people we met.


One dead body is frightening enough, but a second one, plus a dirty cop, sends chef Mikela Richards fleeing for her life. The ultimate city girl finds a safe hiding place on a Wyoming Dude ranch, where she tries to discover if the murders are connected to the mysterious computer memory stick she found in her car. But her fragile feeling of safety is disturbed by a compelling Marine, home on leave.
Back from Afghanistan to heal both physically and emotionally, Shawn Saunders recognizes the type of fear in Mikela's eyes---it's one of the things he's come home to forget. Even though he knows it's a bad idea, he can't stop himself from trying to help her, while she's even more afraid of letting him. In spite of their reservations, neither can resist the pull of their attraction.

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Read an Excerpt:

When Mikela Richards, a chef with a catering business, goes for a run in a wooded park outside Providence, Rhode Island, she hears two gunshots, sees a man with a gun, and then finds a dead body. Having had a bad experience with the police in the past, she calls 911 anonymously and reports the dead man.

The next morning, after a sleepless night filled with images from the park and memories from the past, she discovered a message on her answering machine when she got out of the shower. Sam Braddock, an aide to Rhode Island State Senator Crandall, wanted to meet with her. Upon hearing his name, she gasped in horror. He was the guy with the gun. She’d catered Crandall events in the past and seen Braddock at them. That’s why he had looked so familiar. 

She couldn’t imagine that he was the killer. So what did he want with her? Was he aware she’d seen him yesterday? Did he wish to compare notes or something more sinister? Beyond spooked, she hadn’t replied, and hadn’t decided whether or not to call the crime hotline to identify him as the man with the gun.

Determined to get some work done, she shopped for groceries, then drove to the Kitchen. She pulled into the shaded parking space alongside the small, older building she shared with two other businesses. After tilting up the sunroof to let in air, as she usually did on mild days, she reached over to pick up a grocery bag and noticed a computer memory stick on the passenger seat. Must have fallen out of the laptop case. Picking it up, she shoved it in her pants pocket.

Mikela rounded the corner to the back entrance and skidded to a stop. The Kitchen door—that should have been locked—was open and someone was coming out. She retreated behind the side of the building and peered at the man exiting. She couldn’t see his face clearly, but he definitely wasn’t one of her helpers.

Medium height, stocky, wearing a rumpled sports jacket, he also was quite unlike her usual, well-off clients. He appeared to be taking a latex glove off his hand. She stiffened when his coat flipped open, revealing a gun and a badge clipped to his belt.

She fought to breathe. Had the police found out she had made the 911 call? Had he come to question her? Images of a dark, windowless interrogation room flashed in her mind. Once again she heard the relentless voice of Detective Harper hammering at her through that horrible time five years ago.

“How long have you known about Diane and your husband? When did you decide to kill her? Now she's dead, you’re the sole owner of the bistro. Was the motive money or revenge?”

Those questions and others even more insulting had been hurled at her hour after hour, until she could barely hold her head up. Even when Harper had to release her for lack of evidence, the harassment continued, until she’d sold her business and moved to Providence. She couldn’t—wouldn’t—go through that again.

Mikela stared at the departing cop. How had he gotten into the Kitchen? No way had she left the door unlocked. Even more important, was he coming back? One thing she knew for sure, this time she would refuse to answer any questions until her lawyer arrived. 

Worried about the idea of someone snooping around in her business, she trotted to the entrance and opened the door. A familiar acrid odor hit her nose. What the hell?

She hurried down the short, dimly lit hallway to her office. The smell was stronger there and mixed with another much more unpleasant stench—one she had encountered yesterday. She gasped at the state of the room. Papers littered every surface, her file cabinet drawers gaped open and a dark stain spread across the carpet, emanating from the body of a man lying on the floor.

Sam Braddock, the man from the park, lay huddled on his side, his face slack, his eyes glassy. A gun—the.38 Special her grandfather had given her—lay on the rug near the desk.

Mikela’s vision wavered; she staggered backwards and slid down the wall, staring at the lithograph of Paris behind her desk, a symbol of happy times. Paris was safe, Paris was beautiful. Nothing bad happened in Paris. This can’t be happening.

One glance down told her it was real. She pressed her lips together, struggling not to scream, and scrambled to her feet. No one who had lost that much blood could be alive. Yet she crouched over Braddock and felt for a pulse. There was none.


  1. This sounds like a great read, Kate. Full of suspense. Best wishes with your book.

  2. Hey, Kate. Loved Wyoming Escape and your short story called "A Love Story." Actually, I can see how it could be expanded into a longer book. Neat premise, and I love the touch of paranormal. For that reason Forewarning is probably my favorite of your works. But it's all great. Good luck with sales.

  3. Wonderful book, Kate, but I love FOREWARNING, too, especially the touch or paranormal like is in your short story,"A Love Story." Good luck with sales. Everyone will be glad they've bought your work.

  4. Thanks Angela. And thanks for stopping.

  5. Hey Marsha. Glad you like my stories. Hope others will share your enthusiasm.
    Good luck with your Vermont Escape. Great story!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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