Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The guest author today is the fabulous Emma Rider

Emma is best known for her erotic romance series, the Tied Series.

  An author of erotic romance, Emma Rider has been weaving stories since she was about five, writing and acting out plays about princes and princesses for her parents often. She has always dreamed of being a writer. When she was earning her Bachelors Degree of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences she tried other things, like acting and editing, but she always turned back to her true passions of reading and writing.
She's always loved two things. Romance and the alpha male. She loves writing about every character. She loves their tastes, their talents and she can feel their emotions.

 On every project she tries to project each and every emotion down on paper. She sweetly interrogates them until they lick their lips and whisper their deep secret fantasies to her. She then rewards them by granting their wish to bring their darkest desires to life.

Emma brings along her books today for a showcase feature,

Tied to the Boss
Want to taste the forbidden?
Victoria Carson does. She's had a crush on her boss since he hired her five years ago. Her promotion to be his personal secretary fuels her fantasies. But she's not familiar with his sexual appetite. Her boss introduces her to a whole new world of sexual desires, enticingly different from her vanilla lifestyle. She's unsure at first, but Dominic Nox takes the reins.

A true dom, Dominic can't take it anymore; he wants his sweet little secretary. With the help of his smoldering hot colleague, Raphael Silver, he leads Victoria in the right direction. His direction.

And he'll do everything to ensure she's tied to the boss.


She knew she was good at her job. She worked hard to get where she was. As soon as she graduated college, she was hired as an intern at the tender age of twenty one. Then, five years of hard work and sucking up earned her the position she was in today.

The man’s beautiful face scowled at her neck, accusingly. “What is that?”

“What is what?” She felt her eyes widen in panic mode. She frantically searched her clothes, her hands rubbing against her pencil skirt and sapphire blouse, trying to find a ketchup stain. “Where is it?”

He groaned. The next thing she knew, he snatched the end of her aqua colored scarf and tugged her close to him until she was flush against his hard body. “This.” He smiled mischievously, fingering the material near her breast.

Her breathing hitched. He had been completely professional with her for the past month. She couldn’t tell if he was just playful today or if he was truly angry. She took a moment to search his eyes—the eyes that matched her scarf perfectly. That’s the reason she gave in and bought it. His heated eyes bored into hers; she had to clear her throat before speaking, suddenly feeling intensely hot.


He released her scarf suddenly and went to the mini bar, pouring himself a generous portion of scotch. “I don’t think Esther is doing a good job training you.”


He sighed, casually leaning against the bar. “I really tried to make this work. I tried to remain as professional with you as I have with Esther, but you’re too much.”

Set to Be Tied
Set up for pleasure.
Jessica Coleman, numb and distraught from her job, is forced to take a vacation to recoup. So she gets in her car with an unknown destination.

She meets hot-as-hell entrepreneur Raymond Silver who is looking for someone to fill his needs. When he spies her. But when Jess refuses his blunt offer, Ray does whatever it takes to show her how ignitable their passion can really be.

Little does Jessica know that she is set to be tied.
Click here for an excerpt:


Wickedly Tied
She’s tied.
Timid librarian Michelle has one night with gorgeous Raphael Silver. A hero in her eyes, he saved her friend Vicki from getting date raped.

He’s wicked.

Dominant Raphael can’t resist showing his shy little mouse a taste of his world. With just giving her a taste, he forces himself to let her go. He changes his mind in taking her fully into his world because he can’t taint something so pure.

When her best friend’s wedding day arrives, can they avoid each other without going up in flames? Michelle appears as if she has moved on, but has Raphael?

Or are they both wickedly tied?

Excerpt from the latest release Wickedly Tied:
“Why’d you bring me here Raphael?”
            He took a large swallow of his own. “I’m not sure. Maybe I did it to look after you.” He eyed her outfit, his eyes traveling up her boots, caressing a sliver of creamy midriff, and then pausing at the cleavage her corset graciously pushed up.
            “I don’t need looking after.”
            “Yes, you do, topolino.”
            She straightened to her full five-foot-two when he called her little mouse. He didn’t give any indication that he noticed her ire. His fingers casually caught a tendril of her hair, smoothing it to her head; he didn’t drop his hand though. Just lazily pet her head. “The guy you were dancing with is a predator.”
            “And you’re not?” She shot back. His hand left her head. She almost protested its sudden absence. “Raphael, please just call me a cab.”
            “I will after we talk.”
            “What is there to talk about?”
            One side of his lips lifted in a half smile. “What you saw in the halls. What I allowed you to see as we were passing by. Would you like to see more?”
            She gulped. “I’m not into that kind of, er, lifestyle.”
He took the now empty glass from her and set it on the nightstand. “Just let me give you a small taste, Michelle. Just one small taste.”
            “I’m a one-partner girl, not into multiple partners.”
            His hand tightened in her hair almost painfully. “I would never share you.” He edged her skirt up to her hips slowly as he whispered, “Let me give you a taste of my lifestyle.” 

Find Emma's books and Emma online:

Tied to the Boss

Set to be Tied

Wickedly Tied

Emma's Author Page

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