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Welcome to author Sandy Sullivan

Sandy Sullivan is a romance author, who, when not writing, spends her time with her husband Shaun on their farm in middle Tennessee. She loves to ride her horses, play with their dogs and relax on the porch, enjoying the rolling hills of her home south of Nashville. County music is a passion of hers and she loves to listen to it while she writes. She is an avid reader of romance novels and enjoys reading Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux and Susan Wiggs. Finding new authors and delving into something different helps feed the need for literature. A registered nurse by education, she loves to help people and spread the enjoyment of romance to those around her with her novels. She loves cowboys so you'll find many of her novels have sexy men in tight jeans and cowboy boots. 

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She brings along her new release today, 
Make Mine a Cowboy, Cowboy Dreamin' One

Mesa Arraguso writes about hot cowboys for a living. Being a romance writer has it perks and its drawbacks. She spends a lot of time alone in front of her computer, but she gets to fantasize about incredibly hot men wearing cowboy boots and Stetsons. While visiting San Antonio, Texas for a writer’s conference, she finds herself stranded on the back roads of Bandera only to be rescued by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever encountered, be it fantasy or for real.

Joel Young is a cowboy. From the top of his Stetson to the tip of his dirty cowboy boots, he’s cowboy through and through. Along with rescuing women when they do silly things like running out of gas miles from town on a dirt road, he spends his days herding cattle, fixing fences and breaking horses.

Can one handsome cowboy and a city-girl from LA find common ground is the Hill Country long enough to see beyond a quick fling?

Read an excerpt:

Excerpt One:
Her reflex was to pull her hand back, but Joel grabbed it in his before she could. “You’re a beautiful woman. Other than guests, which are normally families with young kids, we don’t get a lot like you around here. Prepare to be overwhelmed.”
He kissed her fingers before he let his grip slacken on her hand so she could pull it free. The zing that raced up her arm bothered her. Those things only happened in her novels, not in real life. “Um, okay.”
As they rounded the doorway, the volume of noise increased tenfold. Several people either sat at the picnic tables chatting away or they were lined up at the serving area with plates in hand. One long table she hadn’t noticed before took up an entire wall. When she did a double take she noticed nine people, eight men and Joel’s mother, who sat there chatting while they waited for the others to be served. Holy shit! How many freakin’ brothers does he have again?
“Eight. There are nine of us boys.”
“Stop reading my mind.”
“Sorry. I can tell by the look in your eyes what is running through your head. You have very expressive brown eyes.” Joel tugged her hand and brought her to the spot where there were two empty seats. “Hey, ya’ll. This is Mesa.” A chorus of hellos echoed through the room, shushing the rest of the conversations going on around them. Joel quickly introduced the brothers around the table and that’s when she noticed two more who looked like…ohmigod. There are three of him? Yes, you could tell they all were brothers by the similar features, but…
“We’re triplets,” he whispered next to her ear with a chuckle.
Ah, hell! One gorgeous hunk to tantalize my senses is enough, but nine of them? And two who look just like him? I’m so screwed!

Excerpt Two:

As she spooned a little bite into her mouth, her eyes closed and she groaned. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. His cock jumped to attention behind the fly of his jeans. Fuck! She looked like she might orgasm at any moment and he wanted nothing more than to see the same look on her face as he drove into her hot pussy.
He cleared his throat and swallowed hard past the lump. Her tongue slid over the surface of her lips, swiping at the bit of chocolate clinging to her bottom lip. He wanted to suck her tongue into his mouth and taste the decedent chocolate mixture on her lips for himself. The groan rumbling in his chest stopped at his lips. If he let it out, she'd know how much her little display turned him on. I’m so screwed.
“You okay, buddy?” Joshua slapped him on the back and grinned.
“Yeah. I’m fine.”
She opened her eyes and he noticed they twinkled with mirth. Of course she knew what she did to him. Didn’t every woman have the ability engrained in her psyche to torture a man until his balls turned blue?
“This is fabulous, Joel. I’m glad you suggested it. I’ve never tasted anything this good.”
“Glad you like it,” he squeaked. He cleared his throat as he blushed. His brothers laughed, as they filtered out of the room joking around and punching each other. Damn them all.
The dining room slowly cleared of guests, leaving her and Joel alone at the table.
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  1. Congrats on the release. Make Mine a Cowboy sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Love the cover. Thanks for those two great excerpts. Will there be nine books in the series, one for each brother?


  2. There will be 9 total in the series, Joanne. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Oh boy...that's a lot of cowboys to find loving *winks* Loved the excerpt, thank you for sharing it with us :D


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