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Welcome to guest author Kate Wyland

Kate Wyland is a life-long horse nut who started riding at three years old. She’s taken part in a great variety of equestrian activities with her greatest loves being dressage and trail riding in the mountains. A few years ago, she exchanged her tech writing “bug” hat for a fiction writing Stetson. Suspense, romance, horses and sometimes the paranormal are the themes she likes to explore in her books. And she delights in sharing her love of animals and country living.
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A word from Kate:

FOREWARNING is a result of my passion for horses and my interest in complementary medicine. When my horse Portia developed problems that traditional veterinary medicine couldn’t solve, I was advised to put her to sleep. Being a stubborn German (as my mom used to complain), I wasn’t willing to accept that death sentence and started looking elsewhere for solutions. After exploring dozens of alternative modalities, I found one that worked the well for my animals and my husband and I.

The heroine of FOREWARNING Kasey Martin is an alternative healer who uses energy to bring about changes in the body. Much of what I describe her doing I actually have seen, and I thought it would be interesting to share my discoveries with those who might be interested. Of course, I did take some artistic liberties at the beginning to make things exciting. My main purpose, though, was to write an entertaining and satisfying story.


Healing is her life. Will it be her death?
Grieving and guilt-stricken after her husband’s suicide, Kasey Martin has closed her energetic healing practice and retreated to her Oregon horse ranch. One night, she rescues a badly injured man, and against her better judgment, uses her neglected skills to save his life. This starts her on an unexpected journey of healing and danger.

Complicating her life is Jim Bradley, an old friend who has long been in love with her and wants her to return to her work. When criminals looking for her patient invade the serenity of her world, she must use her skills to save all three of their lives.

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Read an Excerpt:

Kasey Martin jerked awake, her heart galloping like a horse running from a cougar. Wide-eyed, she lay frozen and listened to the night. Wind howled through the eaves, thunder rumbled in the distance, rain pounded the roof. A typical storm in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades.

She sat up and stared into the deep black of a night with no city glow to lighten the dark. No help came from the night light in the hall, either. The tempest had knocked out the power again. All she could see was unrelieved black. All she heard was the downpour and Goliath, her Border Collie, snoring on the floor.

Kasey frowned and tilted her head. What the heck had startled her awake and sent her pulse racing? She focused her thoughts and reached out with her mind, briefly touching the energy fields of the animals in her care. The horses in both pastures were dozing in their lean-tos, ignoring the storm. In the barn, her stallion Sundancer was awake but unconcerned. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She lay back, pulled the quilt up around her shoulders, and willed herself to relax. At least tonight it hadn’t been the nightmare about Brian that disturbed her sleep.

Her breathing had almost returned to normal when a flash of lightning lit up the room and a blast of thunder shook the house. With a yelp of terror, Goliath leaped on the bed and clawed at the blankets, trying to burrow under her arm. Kasey cuddled him close and let him stay. She knew how much he hated loud noises, particularly thunder and gunshots.

Eventually her pulse calmed and she drifted off. But images of fire and pain wracked her dreams, disturbing her sleep. Her legs began a restless twitching, pulling her awake once again. The earlier heart-pounding anxiety returned, too. Her apprehension increased when she swung out of bed. Then she felt it. Something was wrong with the horses.

She grabbed a flashlight from her nightstand and rushed across the chilly room to the window. Rain blotted out everything beyond the porch. Foreboding tightened her chest and restricted her breathing. Whatever was going on was serious.

She concentrated on the agitated feelings surging toward her and recognized Star’s distinctive energy. Kasey sensed no pain, so the mare wasn’t hurt. However, she was frantic about something. Kasey focused her thoughts on the other horses in the pasture. Paris and Dina were awake and distressed too. The rest of the horses appeared to be on the far side of the field away from whatever was upsetting the trio.

A sudden wave of pain hit her, sending needles through her hand and stomach and setting her head throbbing. She gasped and braced herself against the windowsill. Someone—a man and a stranger by the unfamiliar feel—was badly hurt. That was why Star woke her. The mare sensed his pain.

Kasey picked up the phone to call 911 and heard only silence. The storm had taken out the telephone line, too. Fear coiled in her gut at the realization and her hands shook as she replaced the receiver. She would have to deal with the man on her own. For her to feel a stranger’s pain so strongly meant he had to be seriously hurt—more injured than her first aid skills could handle.

She slipped on jeans and a sweatshirt and gathered her shoulder-length hair into a low ponytail. An anxious Goliath shadowed her every move, nearly tripping her as she hurried through the dark. At the back door, she pulled on her boots and grabbed her slicker.

Kasey gathered the hood of the bright yellow coat close around her face and slogged through the downpour to her truck. The wind ripped at the door, almost tearing it from her rain-slick hands. The pickup rumbled to life and its high beams lit a narrow path through the torrent. Her insides bounced in rhythm with the truck and her breathing accelerated as she fought a rising panic. Who was in her pasture and how did he get there? More important, how badly was he hurt?

The dark forms of three horses in front of a covered feeding shed flashed in the headlights. A smaller shape slumped on the ground beneath its shelter. The man moved when the lights hit him and waves of pain threatened to overwhelm her. She hit the brakes, stunned that his suffering penetrated to her so easily—stunned at how badly hurt he was.

Gasping for air, she fought the panic that took her breath away. I can’t do this. She stared at the man for a long moment and with shaking hands put the truck in reverse. I have to get someone else.

The pickup surged backward then jerked to a stop. Kasey dropped her forehead to the steering wheel. He can’t wait for anyone else. She lifted her head and took a deep shuddering breath. Then she visualized a golden ball of energy surrounding her, creating a protective barrier against the stranger’s agony, while a shaft of white light filled her with calm and strength.

Shaken and unsure, she grabbed the first aid kit and a waterproof horse blanket from the backseat. The ground sucked at her boots as she hurried to the injured man, knelt and spread the blanket over him.


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