Monday, September 16, 2013

Ella Graeme drops by with her comment today

Today I'm compelled to ask, who knows what a blurb is?
So many times, I’m approached by an author with their bundle for editing. So many times, they say here’s the synopsis in their initial email and what is it ? It’s the blurb.
A blurb sells the book.
A blurb does not tell the reader the detailed plot. It does not tell the reader what exactly happens in the story. In fact, it must not.
The blurb is written for promotional purposes. It is to entice the reader to pick the book, to buy, to read, the book. A blurb can consist of a few sentences or many, but they are all promotional in nature.
A synopsis is the details of the story. It is what publishers want to see. They want to know the arcs of the story, the beginning, middle, and end. They want to know the characters and the scenery. It is a summary of the whole plot. A synopsis can be very hard to write because of this, and does take practice.

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