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Welcome to author Elodie Parkes with her new novel 'Jake Snow'

Hi Tessa,

Thank you for inviting me to the blog today with my new release, ‘Jake Snow’. (September 20, released to Kindle)

The book is the story of Bethany Snow’s brother. Bethany is the leading female character in my erotic romance, ‘The Last Time’ and people who read the book early in its release always wanted to know more about Jake. I had his story in my head and so here it is.

A new romantic mystery from Amazon best-selling author, Elodie Parkes

Jake Snow

Private detective, Jake Snow, has grown tired of working alone since his sister Bethany married, and stopped working on field cases with him. He's chosen less high-powered cases as he decides against teaming with another partner from the Black Agency. Gradually Jake realizes he wants the kind of love his sister found, and a different job...

When he's sent on what he thinks is a simple surveillance assignment, just before he's due to take his requested extended leave, he finds a tangled web of lies, and a fashion designer in trouble...

The question is...will he also find love?

With steamy love scenes and a twist of fun, this book is 18+

Read an excerpt, 18+ R rating

Jake felt a lift somewhere in his heart. He’d felt a rush of desire with the last kiss, so now he looked into Pixie’s eyes and couldn’t help thinking about what it might be like to make love to her. He let himself think about it for a second or two. His cock started to harden, and he shook his head to clear away the picture of having Pixie naked under him, of kissing her thighs.

“Jake.” Her voice was soft and low. It was an invitation to kiss her, touch her. Jake accepted.

He held her head and kissed her. He ran his tongue along her lips and when she opened her mouth, he slid his tongue against hers with a small groan in the back of his throat. It felt like heaven. He found the zipper at the back of her short, shift dress and pulled it down. She shrugged the dress off. Jake helped so that the dress fell around her waist. When she put her hands around his face, and nibbled his lips, Jake felt his cock go hard. He kissed along her shoulders and she had to let go of his face. She pulled his T-shirt up and traced her fingernails along his chest. Jake’s breath left him in a gasp of desire.

He unclipped her bra, cupping her breasts in his hands, and bent his head to kiss them. He sucked at them, making her nipples stand up. He trailed kisses back up her shoulder, neck, and cheek, to her lips, where he kissed her until he couldn’t breathe.

Pixie pulled his T-shirt up and he lifted his arms to take it off. They gazed at each other for a few seconds, and then she was unzipping his jeans. He wanted to be gentle as he pushed her dress up around her waist so that it bunched there like a lovely sash. Jake pulled her legs apart. He kissed her as she put her hand inside his shorts and gasped against her lips as she took hold of his cock. His instinct was to thrust into her hand because it felt so good and he couldn’t remember the last time a woman had her fingers around his cock. He put his fingers into her panties, sliding them down until he could trail his fingers against her soft folds. She’s wet, oh fuck, I want her so much.

He pushed a finger into her pussy gently and it felt so good to have her clench around it. Her tongue was against his, her hands on his cock. All he could think of was getting more fingers into her, having her legs open wider, and his tongue on her clit. He moved his face slightly away. She made a sound and found his lips again with hers.

He whispered between kisses. “Let’s go to bed.”

She whispered back. “Yes.”

She moved and he took his fingers from her. She stood up and let her dress drop down to the floor uncaring. Jake stood too and pulled his shorts over his cock. He almost hurt with the need to push it into her wetness. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom. Jake closed his eyes when she stopped next to her bed and pulled his jeans and shorts down to his ankles. She traced her fingertips up the insides of his thighs and then holding his cock low on the shaft she sucked him, then licked him alternately until Jake thought he was about to come.

Shivers of raw sexual feeling raced over him. He took Pixie’s head in his hands and guided her from his cock up to his face, bending his head to hers to kiss her hard. She was standing now against him. It helped his aching need to kiss her hard, and as he did, he pushed her panties down, and then pushed two fingers into her pussy. When she moaned into his mouth, he cupped her bottom with his other hand to tilt her body onto his fingers so that she thrust against his hand.

“That’s so good…it feels so good.”



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Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent, darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

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Jake Snow, a sweetie, sexy, strong...looking for love and the person responsible for the theft he's investigating.


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