Friday, October 25, 2013

Excited to announce the new editions of book one and two of The Ruthins are released to kindle

When Bliss takes a holiday from a job she's grown to hate, she dreams she'll meet the love of her life. After twenty years apart, two vampires find they want the same girl, until one of them realizes that through her he can recover his long lost love, Elise. Meet the Ruthins, in this first part of the trilogy. Adventure, magic, love, kidnap, murder...a vampire romance with a difference.

Left for dead by his only love, Drew is helped by his old vampire friend, Greta. He's lost his memory and as he tries to go back to his old life, he begins to change. As the days go by events spiral out of control and all he can think about is finding the woman who left him for dead.

Suspense, fun, romance, a vampire hunt, and a love story.

Read an excerpt from Blood of Changes:

Drew walked into the bar through the front door, which was propped open by a cast iron weight. The place was half-full of people and Drew let the wave of odors flow over him. He liked this. He could pick out adrenalin, various perfumes, blood, toothpaste, and then he saw her, the first girl he would seduce.

She was at the bar and it looked as if she was alone. She had her back to the crowd and Drew could see her face in the mirrored glass behind the bar. She was pretty, her red hair in a braid down her back and her eyes enormous in a pale face. Drew could see a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks.

He walked over not aware of the stares he was getting. He was tall and very attractive, his dark hair disheveled and his shirt not quite done up. The overall impression he gave was of someone who either didn’t know how great they looked, or didn’t care. A group of women sitting by the jukebox watched him and then turned to each other to giggle a little and make faces that were meant to convey their appreciation of Drew’s looks.

Drew stood beside the girl he’d chosen and a barman came up to take his order. Drew ordered whisky straight with ice knowing he wouldn’t drink it, but it was acceptable, and it made him look human.

He looked at the girl through the mirror and she looked back.

“Hello” he said, angling his body towards her, as he stood a little closer.

The girl sighed and turned to face Drew.

“Look buddy I’m not in the mood, no offense, or anything,” she answered, and gave Drew a withering look.

Drew was astounded. His vampire charm was on full. It should have girls approaching him not the other way around.

He smiled slightly which softened his expression and lit his very lovely blue eyes.

The girl was charmed, but she was also strong, and having had a crumby boyfriend experience recently, she didn’t want to meet anyone.

Drew raised his eyebrows just a little and picked up the glass he’d been given. He put it to his lips and then replaced the glass on the bar. The girl knew he hadn’t taken a drink and despite what she’d said, she found herself intrigued when Drew said, “Maybe we could just stand here silently.”

She sighed again. “What’s your name then?”

Drew knew she was softening, and he smiled to himself. He could have simply whisked her away. He doubted anyone would notice anything at all if he used his top speed. Instead, he enjoyed the gradual acceptance she was giving him.

“My name’s Drew and your name?” He asked in rather an old world way, which made the girl grin.

“Alice,” she answered.

Drew heard the name Alice and it reminded him of something. What was it he thought? It was another name, one that sounded like Alice, but he couldn’t remember it. He smiled softly. The promise that sometimes crept into his expression dazzled her.

“Hello Alice,” he said his voice like black velvet.

She smiled and then suddenly she was off walking away.

“See you around, Drew,” she called, and he watched her leave with surprise.

The night before, out with Greta, the girls had fallen at his feet.

Alice was replaced by another girl very soon. Not even a minute later a young woman from the table of women who’d watched Drew, appeared by his side. She smelled of desperation and floral perfume. Drew asked her if she would like to go somewhere as he hadn’t yet eaten, and would like company. The young woman was happy to. She was called Caroline. She made a grab for his hand to announce her ownership as they passed the table she’d been sitting at, and glanced in triumph at the other women there.

The night had darkened and Drew led Caroline along the street as if to find a restaurant. She was chattering about something, but he didn’t listen, he’d noticed an alley way up ahead and could detect its emptiness. He flew with her a short distance down there his fangs already in her neck. He couldn’t be bothered with sex. The blood would stop his gnawing disappointment at having lost out on Alice. For some reason he wanted to know more about her.

The alley was obliging and had three trash skips side by side. He ditched Caroline’s body in there and was on the main street again in seconds.

Knowing he couldn’t go back into the bar he’d left, he went into the next one a short distance away next to an art gallery. ‘Cronk and Co. Art for your Heart.’ He noticed the sign as he passed. He smiled at the name Cronk. Who would want a name like Cronk, but he almost liked the slogan.

The pub he was going into was an old tavern type in a building that was clearly original to Drew at his age. The beams showing on the exterior of the building were bowed and the roof was thatched. The windows, although there were quite a few of them, were small and Drew enjoyed this antiquity as he went into the little porch and then the main pub. The art gallery seemed to share this porch entrance, but a closed sign was evident on the door to it.

Drew breathed in the scent of human blood, lust, a little love, hunger, pain. He stood for a moment at the back of the small crowd of people considering who might become his prey.

A young man caught his eye, and looked at him with blatant hunger. Drew knew it was sexual hunger. He realized he must have seen it before and used it to acquire a feed. Tonight he wanted sex and he let his gaze fall away from the young man in an almost kindly way. He’d lost his memory, but he knew he liked girls, and he wouldn’t use that young man for a feed tonight.

Drew turned on his charm and it was like a beacon, so that within a very short time he had a girl in his arms in the darkest part of the back garden of the pub.

Reached through the back bar and with only the first few outside tables lit, Drew felt safe to strip the girl there in the grass amongst the geraniums. He kissed her lips until he knew she was under his spell, and then he removed her clothes, licking and kissing her everywhere he touched, until she was naked in the grass. She was moving against him and he knew she wanted him desperately. He smiled as he kissed her lips again and moved his hand to part her thighs. Softly, dangerously, he whispered to her.

Copyright Tessa Stokes 2013
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