Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday hop for October 4

This week's post is from the soon to be released
 Vampire In Love
seven sexy paragraphs

Devon felt Bliss move a little. She snuggled up against him, and he savored the feel of her body against his. When she moved her arm to circle his waist he was bathed in pleasure. He smiled. This was more than he could ever have hoped for to find this girl, and for her to like him. It must be fate. She had come out of the blue. He was so happy about it he smiled again in the pale light of the table lamp. His thoughts turned to the beings. They were odd creatures. They helped him with meeting humans, and sorting out his estates. Their calm manner helped negotiations although never joined in. They were just there in the background keeping an eye on him in reality, but because of that, inadvertently helping. It was odd the way these last few years they’d grown much more cautious again, after a few years of being less so. It was fear of having the spotlight turned upon them that did it, and he knew how that went.

He did want to ask Tara what really led to the entrapment of those beings in the barn twenty years ago. He decided that as soon as it seemed opportune he would ask. Why were they suddenly more afraid of discovery again? Was something happening that he didn’t know about? Devon felt himself drifting a little, his thoughts jumbled, and he knew that meant he might sleep for a few minutes. It would be good to sleep a little with this lovely girl’s arm around him.

Bliss opened her eyes, and saw Devon. Her head was on his shoulder, and she held him around the waist with one arm. Her other arm, crushed a little between the bed and her own body, woke her up with discomfort. Devon had his eyes closed, but as soon as she stirred, he opened them and looked at her with an expression of kindness and affection.

“Devon, sorry to wake you, I just wanted to move my other arm,” Bliss told him as she turned onto her back, and then found his hand to hold. She cast a glance at the TV and saw the time. “Oh, it’s three am. I’m so sorry. You must want to go to your room. You should have woken me.”

Devon smiled. “It’s okay. I fell asleep for a while. Do you want me to go? Or we could simply stay here now and I’ll go to my room in the morning to have a shower before we leave.” He picked up a few strands of her hair that were across her cheek and wound them around his finger. The softness of her hair and her skin as his fingers touched against her cheek sent little sparks of pleasure through him.

He bent his head to kiss her cheek and put the hair along her head, smoothing it down and holding her head there for just a few seconds as he transferred his kiss to her lips. She hadn’t answered, but now she gave the slightest nod and whispered, “Okay, stay until morning.”
Devon whispered, “Thank you. I just want to stay here next to you. Go back to sleep.”

Bliss wanted another kiss before she went back to sleep and she moved her face to his again, in a gesture that meant kiss me. Devon kissed her and then settled down beside her. He held her hand and as Bliss closed her eyes so did he. He was as close to pure happiness as he’d ever felt.

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  1. This is a classic example of how tender can be sexy. Who can resist a man who wants to snuggle?

  2. I really love this story. Thanks for the wonderful, sexy snippet.


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