Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Sexy Saturday today from next week's release The Ruthin Pact

Next week the last book in the vampire romance stories The Ruthins will release on Halloween

The Ruthin Pact

As Drew and Elise hide out from the ancient magical beings and in particular the ancient mage warrior, Balthazar Crane, who is determined to eradicate Drew, strange things are happening in the community Elise has left behind.

Devon has begged the mage princess, Tara, to help him keep Bliss with him forever. He loves Bliss and can't live without her.What secrets are uncovered for Bliss as she takes the potions meant to give her longevity? She's always wondered about her name and now we find out just why she was given that name by her mom.

Seth and Balthazar despite their bond as mage warriors suddenly disagree.

Against a backdrop of everyday life in a picturesque English country town, wonderful events play out.

The Ruthin Pact, the final story in The Ruthins, is paranormal romance with a sparkle of magic, erotic and for 18+ only

Drop by for the cover reveal Monday  

Sexy Saturday post Oct 26

He sat down on a chair by the table in the kitchen and pulled Bliss down onto his knee. He kissed her. “I don’t want to leave you. I wish I could stay.”

Bliss traced her fingers down his cheek and kissed him again. Her heart rate sped up as she inhaled his scent. He was delicious. She stood. “I think you should just leave. Go so that we don’t linger over a goodbye. I’ll cry soon.”

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