Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Sexy Saturday

My Sexy Saturday from soon to be released The Ruthins, Blood of Changes

Drew appeared in the doorway, a white towel around his waist, his hair wet. He looked gorgeous, and Greta feasted her eyes on this sight as he walked towards her.

“Are we only friends, Greta?” he asked, giving her a look loaded with sexual invitation.

Greta swallowed. This could be her chance, because she’d wanted Drew for years. Maybe she could just kiss him. Her heart yearned for it and then her head overruled the desire. What would happen if Drew got his memory back and she’d taken this advantage of him? It might not be pretty. She nodded at him. “Yes only friends.”

Drew looked at her knowingly, as he approached her. “But you’d like more…I can see it…let me kiss you just to say thank you for rescuing me.”

She stood very still as he came close. She was as tall as he was at around six feet, maybe just over. Their faces were level. Drew was gentle and caring as he took her face in his hands and kissed her. Greta kissed him back. She felt an overwhelming desire, but did nothing else except stand there, her hands by her sides.

Drew sighed as he pulled away. “That felt good. I think I need more than blood on my hunt.” He smiled at Greta and she smiled too. Drew was nice like this, and she wanted him more than ever.

He wasn’t concerned that he dressed in front of her and she watched him. It was very arousing. She thought she might find a man for herself on the hunt. They needed to get going as it was nearly midnight, time to prowl the nightclubs in the nearby town.

When Drew was dressed, he looked so good she was sorry she’d told him they were just friends. They went out together. Greta drove them, and as they reached the next town, they were partners in crime, talking about the hunt and what to do with the bodies they knew would accrue.

A Vampire in Love available October 19
Blood of Changes available October 26
The Ruthin Pact available November 9

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