Saturday, October 19, 2013

This week My Sexy Saturday is from the soon to be released , The Ruthins, A Vampire in Love

Seven sexy paragraphs from
The Ruthins, A Vampire in Love

Bliss put the T-shirts and underwear she’d used so far on her trip into the machine to wash. She walked out onto the paved area at the back of the kitchen, where she noticed Devon was standing looking down the length of the garden.

He had a faraway expression as she approached him. He was thinking about Drew having a piece of the dress Bliss was wearing when he’d found her. Maybe Drew did it to annoy or scare Bliss, or me, Devon thought. Why else would he want it? Drew was hardly the sentimental type, and then an unpleasant thought occurred to him, what if Drew wanted it for something else, to be able to find Bliss again? He sighed and turned just as Bliss reached him.

She took his hand and looked happily into his eyes. He would protect her with his life he thought and he would ask the beings for their advice and help as soon as possible. Maybe because I’m in love with Bliss I’m thinking the worst.

He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it, and then kissed her lips, holding her head to his. She responded to him lovingly. He felt loved. He held her close.

“I’m so happy I met you.”

They hugged each other closer, both wanting to tell the other they were in love, and both thinking it might be too soon and they would frighten the other away.

Bliss kissed Devon until she felt she would accidentally tell him she loved him.

Devon traced his fingers gently along her face, as he kissed her. He put his hands in her hair fallen from the clip she wore, and kissed along her cheek, and ear, then down her neck. He heard her sigh and she moved her head to find his lips with hers. Devon thought his heart would burst with the longing he felt for Bliss and so he suggested they get ready to go out to Tara’s place.

“I guess we need to think about going out this evening. I’ll take a shower before we go.” He inserted the word ‘cold’ in his thoughts and it made him smile.

They went indoors, both going off to their respective bathrooms to cool down.

A Vampire in Love will be available to buy on Amazon US and Amazon UK as well as all other Amazon sites worldwide, October 24

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  1. Love the caring in this excerpt. That in it's own way is sexy - even though cold showers suck.


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