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Welcome back to the awesome Elodie Parkes with her new Evernight release, 'A Little Mysterious'

Hi Tessa,

Thank you for hosting me on your blog today with my new Evernight Publishing release, ‘A Little Mysterious’. It’s a Romance on the Go and an erotic paranormal romance. It’s contemporary and is set in England in any small town you’d care to visit.

I write contemporary romance, always erotic, sometimes with a twist of the paranormal, sometimes with a twist of mystery, suspense, magic, or drama.

Daisy and Dhruv are the main characters in ‘A Little Mysterious,’ and it’s their love story. (Smiles)

Dhruv is different. The setting is down the street from you, in the next town, and has the feeling that it could happen to you. The love story is so sexy. The love scenes are hot. The twist, is subtle, and comes in a phrase. The whole story hinges on it.

I always fall in love with my characters and these two are no different.

The book:

He’d been sent off course…he thought he was lost…until he found Daisy.

His vampire abilities were special. He belonged to an elite group. Moving home, they are set off course by a storm that lands Dhruv alone, hungry, and desperate in a strange town.

A story of lust, love, and coincidence.

Read an excerpt 18+

Daisy poured his coffee and took it to him.

He put out his hand and covered hers as she held the saucer to place the coffee in front of him. She felt the coolness of his skin and it made her feel feverish with desire. They locked eyes.

His gaze was filled with longing. Daisy knew she returned that look. She turned away, knowing that her nipples were hardening into peaks that might show through her light, cotton, work shirt. She felt a rush of dampness in her panties and her clit felt huge as her entire pussy clenched with desire.

She moved slowly away to another customer. All she could think of was having Dhruv’s cool hand between her legs, having those cool fingers stroke her clit, and then push deep so that she felt filled with them. The need was so strong she had to ask the next customers twice for their orders and apologize as her voice came out in a whisper.

Dhruv watched her with his ice blue eyes boring into her, until finally at almost ten, when the last of the food was served, and the kitchen began to wind down, she went to him.

“I can leave now as my shift ends at ten. Walk me home? It’s not far. I’d really like to talk with you, find out more about you. Dhruv, I…” She lost her nerve. It was okay because he nodded.

“Me too. I’ll walk with you.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

Buy the book:

About Elodie:

Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

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Kallypso Masters How it began Tour stop, BDSM

Welcome to the ninth stop in Kallypso Master’s “How it Began” two-day blog tour. Thanks for having me, The Ruthin Trilogy Romance Book Blog.
If you’re just joining in, you can get a list of the tour stops in order at my Ahh, Kallypso…the stories you tell blog page.
It’s so much fun writing kink scenes with Marc.
Things are about to heat up again. After her encounter with the poser Dom, referred to by Marc as Sir Asshole, she has some serious trust issues. She doesn’t know Marc is aware of what happened to her at the club, though, because she has no clear memory of Marc’s rescuing her.
In this scene where he’s agreed to introduce her to the world of submission, he proposes a different type of bondage than she’s familiar with from her erotic romance BDSM novels.
Oh, and Nonna’s bed in this scene has been recreated for the cover of Somebody’s Angel, which you will see on the Cover Reveal at my blog Friday!
 Except Rated R
“I love seeing you stretched out for me, too. So beautiful.”
Lying this way, as if tied, and wearing only the blindfold sent a thrill through her body. With her hands stretched above her head, she imagined her girls were lifted and almost perky. She smiled, less concerned about how she looked and beginning to anticipate his lesson or demonstration or whatever this was with a little more enthusiasm now.
Marc’s lips brushed her right ear. “That’s right. Relax, cara.” Marc’s scruff abraded her cheek and ear in the most sensual way. Heat pooled in her core and she tilted her pelvis toward him, begging for his touch.
“Lift your hips.”
Trying to keep her legs where he had positioned them made it impossible to do as he told her very easily, but she raised them as much as she could. His strong hand lifted her higher and he slid a pillow under her butt, leaving her pussy exposed even more. Her heart began to beat faster and her tongue licked across suddenly parched lips.
She felt the mattress sink under his weight then he straddled her hips and bent his upper body over hers. One hand cupped her left breast, teasing her nipple, while he brought his mouth down to her right nipple and suckled. Heat from his body enveloped her, the hairs from his chest tickling the skin on her torso and abdomen. He tugged on her nipple with his teeth, stretching her breast to the limits of comfort, and then let the tender peak go so that her breast bounced back into place. He repeated the motion again and yet again, just as he had done with his fingers on the sofa last night.
“I love your breasts, pet.”
Gee, I hadn’t noticed.
He gave her swollen bud another nip with his teeth, then, with a sigh, sat up again. His hand skimmed over her abdomen, just barely brushing the tiny body hairs and sending gooseflesh over her entire body. When his hand brushed lower, she pulled her knees up to protect her pussy in an instinctively defensive move. If he weren’t sitting lightly on her thighs, she’d have disobeyed him.
“Ticklish there, are we?”
Her face flushed as she nodded.
He sighed. That didn’t sound good. “Pet, I’m sorry, but more than likely, I am going to need to restrain your legs.”
“No! I’ll keep them down this time.”
“I did not give you permission to speak, did I?”
Frustrated, she groaned and shook her head.
“If you defy my commands, I will gag you, as well.”
She shook her head vigorously. Not that! How would she speak her safeword if she were gagged?
“Don’t worry, gattina.” His voice grew gentle again, as if he smiled. “When I…when your Dom introduces you to the gag, you’ll be given a safe gesture to use instead of a word.”
How did he always know what she was thinking?
“You aren’t ready for that step, so if you simply do as I say, we can dispense with that tonight. But this is your last warning on both counts.”
No leg restraints. No gag. And just what did he do, travel around with ball gags on him? Or would he improvise? She forced herself to relax her tensed muscles and sank back against the mattress and pillows. Marc moved off of her hips, stretching out beside her, and returned his finger to just below her breast where he began trailing it down across her abdomen. When he came close to her mons, her legs bolted up. Oh, no! How could she control the damned reflex if he kept tickling her like that?
Without a word, Marc got off the mattress and she heard his footsteps heading toward the nightstand. She grew tense once more as he took one of her ankles and she felt the coolness of satin or some other cloth quickly warm against her skin. He tied the sash or belt around her ankle then pulled her leg open wider than she thought comfortably possible. When he had secured her binding to the footboard, she tested her range of motion and found it to be less limiting than she’d expected. He really was trying not to scare the bejeezers out of her.
So sweet of you, Marc…er, Sir.
At least her hands were still free. She didn’t feel as vulnerable knowing she could at least inflict some serious damage with her hands, not unlike what she’d done to Allen earlier tonight, if Marc so much as…
“Relax your leg.”
She didn’t realize she’d tensed up again and did as he ordered. After he attached another cloth belt to her ankle and restrained that leg, she felt his fingers slide between the sash and her ankle on each side as if testing the tightness. The mattress sagged under his weight on her right side moments later.
“Nod or shake your head. Are you okay with the restraints?”
She nodded.
“I’m proud of you, cara. You’re being very brave.”
Brave? He was only the second person to tell her that in her entire life—and the first one was a figment of her imagination. Before her mind could process his praise, his hand glided down the inside of her right thigh to her knee, causing chill bumps to rise in its wake. When he began a slow, upward advance toward her pussy, she held her breath. Please, don’t!
Don’t stop!
Pent-up tension built to fever pitch. Even though he had yet to touch her clit, the needy bit throbbed, waiting to welcome him. She’d been anticipating his touch for so long while kneeling on the floor that now when she was so close to—something she couldn’t even name—the sensations were nearing torture. She would come at the slightest pressure against the place where she needed him most. She tilted her hips, begging silently. Now! Please!
Nothing. The hand touching her thigh left her. She arched her back, raising her chest toward him, hoping he would touch her nipples again. Bite them. Touch or bite her anywhere. Instead he got off the bed again and she ached at the loss.
Two days ago, if someone had told her she’d be tied to her bed—or half tied, in this case—craving a man’s touch like this, she’d have told them they were delusional. When had she become so depraved? So wanton?
Dear God, she’d become a wanton woman.
No, a wanting woman. And what she wanted more than anything in the world, even chocolate, was Marc’s touch. Where had he gone anyway? What was he doing?
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This week's My Sexy Saturday comes from the lastest release second edition The Ruthins: Blood of Changes, vampire romance series

This week from The Ruthins: Blood of Changes

He got back into bed and as she moved to be held in his arms she whispered, “Why are we awake, Balthazar? It’s too early. Let me close my eyes again for an hour, hold me.”

Balthazar smiled and held her. “I’m sorry, I don’t sleep that much and I was thinking maybe to make a start on sorting out rooms you’d like as your own here.”

He shuffled down the bed a little to kiss her lips. Angharad kissed him back and moved a hand along his back as he lay on his side to kiss her. She followed the contour of his body down his slim hip to his muscled thigh, and then as she deepened the kiss they were sharing, she moved her hand along the top of his thighs to find his desire already evident in his erection.

Balthazar felt her hand on him and whispered against her lips. “You don’t seem sleepy any more.” The tip of his tongue touched hers and he moved his hips toward her as he felt her hand circle him. He reached his hand to lift her leg over his and open her to his gentle fingers. Angharad caught her breath. It was so delicious to be touched by Balthazar. His gentleness was so sexy, and it was always as if all he wanted was to show his love for her.

That was exactly what Balthazar wanted, and he moved his head to kiss her neck, her shoulder, and her breasts all the time pumping gently in her with his fingers. She brought his head up to kiss his lips and softly asked for him. Balthazar moved over her lovingly, his kiss never leaving her lips as they together, and drove each other to orgasm.


They weren’t the only ones making love that morning. Bliss and Devon were just a little breathless and whispering how much they loved each other. The gray skies had brought Devon back to bed from the big open window in his bedroom, and Bliss had captured him sitting up resting against the wall by moving to straddle him. They were laughing together when she insisted on trying to get a pillow behind him and cursed that she didn’t know why he had no bed headboard. Devon collapsed in laughter at the string of curses.

He kept her clasped against him as he told her that he’d hardly ever been in the bed before she came along, and didn’t she remember that. The last few words were slightly muffled as Bliss kissed him and moved onto his erection, in a slow sliding way that had him gasping it felt so good.

With his hands in her hair he kissed her, as they moved towards the overwhelming sensation that always had them both clinging to each other afterwards for several minutes, just amazed at how good it felt to be with each other. They were meant to be together Devon told Bliss, and she agreed.
Copyright Tessa Stokes 2013

All books in the series are currently on .99 special
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