Saturday, November 23, 2013

This week's My Sexy Saturday comes from the lastest release second edition The Ruthins: Blood of Changes, vampire romance series

This week from The Ruthins: Blood of Changes

He got back into bed and as she moved to be held in his arms she whispered, “Why are we awake, Balthazar? It’s too early. Let me close my eyes again for an hour, hold me.”

Balthazar smiled and held her. “I’m sorry, I don’t sleep that much and I was thinking maybe to make a start on sorting out rooms you’d like as your own here.”

He shuffled down the bed a little to kiss her lips. Angharad kissed him back and moved a hand along his back as he lay on his side to kiss her. She followed the contour of his body down his slim hip to his muscled thigh, and then as she deepened the kiss they were sharing, she moved her hand along the top of his thighs to find his desire already evident in his erection.

Balthazar felt her hand on him and whispered against her lips. “You don’t seem sleepy any more.” The tip of his tongue touched hers and he moved his hips toward her as he felt her hand circle him. He reached his hand to lift her leg over his and open her to his gentle fingers. Angharad caught her breath. It was so delicious to be touched by Balthazar. His gentleness was so sexy, and it was always as if all he wanted was to show his love for her.

That was exactly what Balthazar wanted, and he moved his head to kiss her neck, her shoulder, and her breasts all the time pumping gently in her with his fingers. She brought his head up to kiss his lips and softly asked for him. Balthazar moved over her lovingly, his kiss never leaving her lips as they together, and drove each other to orgasm.


They weren’t the only ones making love that morning. Bliss and Devon were just a little breathless and whispering how much they loved each other. The gray skies had brought Devon back to bed from the big open window in his bedroom, and Bliss had captured him sitting up resting against the wall by moving to straddle him. They were laughing together when she insisted on trying to get a pillow behind him and cursed that she didn’t know why he had no bed headboard. Devon collapsed in laughter at the string of curses.

He kept her clasped against him as he told her that he’d hardly ever been in the bed before she came along, and didn’t she remember that. The last few words were slightly muffled as Bliss kissed him and moved onto his erection, in a slow sliding way that had him gasping it felt so good.

With his hands in her hair he kissed her, as they moved towards the overwhelming sensation that always had them both clinging to each other afterwards for several minutes, just amazed at how good it felt to be with each other. They were meant to be together Devon told Bliss, and she agreed.
Copyright Tessa Stokes 2013

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