Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Read excerpts from The Layover, cowboy erotic M/M romance from the anthology Buckle Down

The Layover by C.V. Madison (M/M erotic cowboy romance)

Security expert and avowed city boy Reno Locke drops into The Meeting Place for a little loving to fill his off hours. Country boy Wilder Henderson swings through to blow off a little steam after winning a rodeo competition. Locke finally works up the nerve to hit on Wilder and Locke takes Wilder back to his room. He finds out this urban cowboy is just what he was looking for during The Layover. 

Read excerpts from The Layover
The newcomer laughed quietly, maybe about the attention he'd drawn with his coarse demeanor. His drawl was thick, a genuine mark of a kid born and raised in the South. Everything about his composure suggested he rubbed elbows with Well-To-Do’s before and cared not one lick to shadow their rules. The casual lean and country boy charm diffused the would-be drama mongers to find other challenges with a simple look from deep hazel eyes.
Those hazel eyes met his. Leaning up from against the bar, the modern cowboy took a half step from his claim at the bar and thrust his hand forward. "You come here often?"
Locke felt his eyes go wide. Was he talking to him? He hoped the pause wasn’t awkward before he took his offered hand and pumped it twice. The touch of his rough and calloused hand gave Locke a delicious little shiver.
"Only when I'm in town. Which... lately? Is often. Buy ya a drink?" To make room, Locke shoved his empty glasses out of the way.
"Never one to turn down a free drink." Smiling brightly, the stranger slipped into a neighboring chair with his beer in tow. "My name's Wilder. Yours?" The drawl roused the imagery of a young towheaded version of his new companion barefoot and toting a cane fishing pole through a dry summer field.

Excerpt 2 (R rated) – The Layover

Hovering near his ear, Wilder nipped at Locke's lobe. "Is this what you like? Hmm?" His voice was low and gritty. Locke shuddered in response. Something about a low voice purred in his ear like that just did terrible things to him.
"I like it when you talk to me like that."
Nails raked lightly over his shoulders, drawing down the undersides of his arms and across his chest and belly. "Like this? All intimate-like with me tellin' you about all the things I wanna do with you?"
Yes. Exactly like that. With that growl in his ear. All he could do was whimper and then moan in response. His skin tingled before the burn set in the pinked lines drawn on his skin. He wanted to prattle on about all the things he wanted. Most of the one night stands or summer loves he picked up were usually vanilla in their approach.
This, however. This.
It scratched an itch, one he wanted filled with everything they could squeeze into one night. He wanted to hurt a little tomorrow to prove it hadn't all been a very nice dream. He wanted those work-rough hands all over his body. More specifically, he wanted one of them on his ass and the other in his hair. Pull his head back, fill him full and fuck him hard. And once they'd had either a little sleep or a little rest, do it all over again
All the foreplay was damned good frosting on his kinky happy cake.

Publisher: Jupiter Gardens Press

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