Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stone Kisses edition three , cover reveal today

They played the game for centuries, until someone broke the rules...
Justin gives Stella a statue for her garden. It's Mercury the winged messenger. Let the game begin.
A romantic comedy with a twist of fantasy. 18+
$2.99 or £2.99

Read a snippet:

“Justin,” Stella exclaimed when she found it was him. “I sent you a thank you note, but I must say it over. Thank you so much for giving Mercury to me. I love him.”

Justin’s tone was kind. “I knew you would.”

Stella, deciding in a wave of guilt for kissing Mercury that to say she loved the statue might sound odd, added, “He looks so great in my garden by my fishpond.”

Justin smiled before he asked, “Would you like to have coffee with me one day, when you have time.” He made it sound casual, so as not to spook her.

Stella remembered Justin’s long chestnut hair and his hard body beneath his denim shirt. She considered how kind he’d been. She was delighted with the invitation.

“I’d love to, Justin. Were you thinking of today?”

Justin’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Christopher passing him with a carton of potted Rhapis excels.
Christopher grinned because he knew who Justin was calling.

“That would be lovely, Stella,” he said, adding, “There’s a good coffee shop on the high street by the Book Bazaar. Do you know it?”

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