Monday, February 3, 2014

Cover reveal, The Flower Box, from Elodie Parkes, #erotic contemporary #romance, releasing FEB 7 from Hot Ink Press

The Flower Box (February 7) Novella

Alice longs for love. Oliver wants to give her flowers and candy until he thinks she has another lover. Will his jealousy drive him away from Alice or straight into her arms?

What’s hot about The Flower Box?


·         he’s not afraid to admit to Alice that he finds her irresistible

·          he’s very sexual and physically strong

·         he’s centered, happy with what he does

The story is about two people who could pass you on the street. You might look at Oliver because he’s gorgeous, you might look at Alice because she’s pretty and has an aura of sadness to begin with, but they are real people. Their jobs are not unattainable. There’s no billionaire Cinderella story here. It could happen to you.

Drop by later this week for an excerpt and more news about this FEB 7 release.

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