Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stone Kisses a romantic fantasy

They played the game for centuries, until someone broke the rules...
Justin gives Stella a statue for her garden. It's Mercury the winged messenger. Let the game begin.
A romantic comedy with a twist of fantasy.
Read an excerpt:

Clouds covered the moon and she put up her hands to hold his face and kiss him, the extra darkness making her brave. His stone lips felt surprisingly real, so Stella kissed him twice and hugged him. She stood for a few moments with her arms around Mercury.

The next-door neighbor saw her as he closed his bedroom window. His wife had seen the same thing a couple of days earlier and told him about it. When he went downstairs and found her in the kitchen making their hot chocolate, he grinned at her.
“Marion, she’s at it again cuddling up to that statue she has in her garden, crazy huh?”
Marion handed him his cup.
“She’s not doing any harm. Let the poor girl hug the statue Frank.”
Frank shook his head. “I wasn’t saying she couldn’t Marion. I was just saying she was doing it again.”
They went to watch the ten o’clock news on the television side by side on their big leather sofa.
Copyright T Stokes 2014

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